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These tutorials are all for Macrame Leaf or Leaves, but they are commonly referred to as Macrame feathers too. The same technique is used for making both the leaves and the macrame feathers. You can use the same tutorials to achieve the same look.

A type of cloth called macramé is made by employing knotting methods. The square and several “hitching” styles—combinations of half-hitches—are the two main knots used in macramé.

There are a wide variety of natural and synthetic macrame fibers

you can use to create macramé in fact one of the tutorials below uses a dollar tree mop head .

I have included some video tutorials for those of you who are more of a visual learner and some written tutorials for those who like to follow along in old school print style crafting techniques (yep that is me)

How to Make a DIY Macrame Leaf/Feather (Using a Dollar Tree Mophead)  

DIY Macrame Leaf Earrings Tutorial – Craftsy Hacks 

Aleene’s Original Glues – How To Make a Macrame Leaf with Fabric Stiffener

DIY Macrame Tutorial: How To Make A Large Macrame Feather/Leaf

DIY Macramé Leaf 

DIY Macrame Tutorial – 3 Ways to Make Leaves/Feathers

DIY Macramé Feather or Leaf | How to Make Rope Knot Ornaments : 8 Steps (with Pictures) – Instructables

DIY Macrame Feathers – Easy Step By Step Guide – Decorhint – Decor + DIY

DIY Macrame Feathers/Leaves – Simply Ummiby


So who invented Macrame? Many believe the term “macrame” comes from the Arabic word ​migramah​, or “fringe.” is is believed that the first known “macrameers,” were 13th-century Arabic weavers .

The earliest forms of macramé can be found in the carvings for Assyrians and Babylonian cultures.

Macrame was also really popular in the 70s, my mother used to make macrame owls and plant hangers. She used to sell her Macrame wears at the local craft markets and even created some macrame vests using leather fringing.



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