12 Not-So-Frightful Spider Web Crafts for Fall



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Spider web crafts and activities are so much fun for Halloween! It makes a spider not so frightful after all!

How cool would it be to accessorize this costume with a whole Halloween theme of spider webs?

12 Not-So-Frightful Spider Web Crafts & Activities

We love to make a good spider web and love Halloween activities around here and have done quite a few of them.

spider web crafts and activities

12 Spider Web Crafts & Activities for Kids

  1. Get the whole family involved in making these not-so-spooky spider handprint window clings.
  2. Set up a sticky spider web in the hall or doorway and have a game to stick the bugs in the web.
  3. Forget a cake walk and make it a spider walk, like No Time for Flash Cards
  4. Make spider webs from a plate and yarn, a great fine motor activity from Teach Preschool
  5. Go on a nature hunt, like Education.com for spider webs and try to collect them
  6. PreK Pages makes spider webs with a chalk rubbing
  7. Paint with puffy paint and cut strips to make an abstract spider web
  8. Use up some leftover cooked spaghetti to make spider webs
  9. TinkerLab make gorgeous spider webs made from printmaking
  10. String up a giant spider web through the house and have a great time working your way through it, like Craft Interrupted
  11. String a scavenger hunt spider web – spider webs and learning about “S” just go together
  12. Tape out a giant spider web maze on the floor
Make spider webs for Halloween! You'll love these 12 creative crafts and activities for kids!

6 More Halloween Crafts and Activities for Kids

We love Halloween and all the spider web crafts around here – and it shows! Our house is totally decorated long before October 31 rolls around.

I’ve pulled together a bunch of my very favorite activities for Halloween. These have been featured on Hands On As We Grow, and some are from my blogger friends.

Which one(s) will you be trying this Halloween?

12 Spider web crafts & activities are fun for Halloween! These cute spider webs and spider crafts makes a spider not so frightful after all!

What are your favorite Halloween activities for kids?

Do you have a favorite spider web craft you make? We’d love to try some of your ideas this fall!



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