17 of the Best School Spirit Shirts (and Where To Get Them)



Is your school spirit lacking? Do you want to bring some extra pep to your students’ day? Whether it’s preschool, high school, or anything in between, some fresh swag can help build community and pride! Check out some of the best school spirit shirts to make sure everyone knows how much you love your school, club, or sport.

Basic School Spirit Shirts

1. Keep it sweet and simple

Shirt with text saying "School name CREW"

Do you want to rep your school without adding anything flashy to your fit? Keep it simple with one of the best minimalist school spirit shirts.

Buy it: Customizable School Shirt at Amazon

2. Layered spirit for cooler months

Sweatshirt with word "Knights" on it

If you live in a cooler area or want a spirited layering piece, this pullover sweatshirt is affordable, comfortable, and customizable so you can rock your school mascot!

Buy it: Custom School Spirit Sweatshirt at Etsy

3. Loud and proud

Shirt with text that says "Loud and Proud"

Show your students how loud and proud you are of them with this customizable T-shirt. Customize the color and the text to make it your own, and feel proud of your students and school while wearing it!

Buy it: Loud and Proud shirt at Spiritwear

School Sports Shirts

4. Root for your team

Bleached shirt with words "Game day" written on it

This customizable twist on a classic design will definitely draw some eyes to you! Add your school mascot to the shirt to make it your own.

Buy it: Custom Game Day Bleached Graphic Tee at Etsy

5. Personalize your own basketball jersey …

Front and back of jersey with customizable text- best school spirit shirts

Match your favorite player’s number (or add your favorite number) to show your school’s basketball team how much you are rooting for them!

Buy it: Personalize Your Own Team Basketball Jersey at Amazon

6. … or a football jersey!

Football jersey

Customize a football jersey with your team name and number, and don’t forget to change the color of the jersey to match your players.

Buy it: Custom Football Jersey Personalized at Amazon

7. Show your football team some love

Shirt with words "Go mustang"

Customize this shirt with both your school mascot and the color of your team to stand out during the next football game.

Buy it: Go Custom shirt at Etsy

8. Vintage is in!

Vintage shirt with words "Custom 2022"- best school spirit shirts

Show your softball or baseball players some appreciation with this vintage baseball tee. You can also customize the color of the shirt to add an extra element of school spirit.

Buy it: Custom team spirit shirt at Etsy

9. Speak softly and carry a big stick

Text that says "Speak softly and carry a big stick"

Show up to your next lacrosse game with some school spirit! The skull with lacrosse sticks as bones is sure to spook your competitors.

Buy it: Team Lacrosse T-Shirt at Campus Threads

10. Mascot appreciation

Shirts with words "bulldogs" on them- best school spirit shirts

Rep your school’s mascot loud and proud with these customizable mascot T-shirts. These shirts come in a plethora of colors and are perfect for any game day or spirit day at school.

Buy it: Team Mascot Shirt at Etsy

11. Support your best team ever

Shirt with words "best. team. ever" written on it

This customizable shirt is perfect to rep your school and show your best school spirit while still keeping it casual. Customize the shirt color and add your team name to make the shirt unique to you.

Buy it: Best Team Ever Shirt at Etsy

Grade-Specific Shirts

12. Represent the Class of 2023!

Shirt with text on it saying "Senior" and "2023"- best school spirit shirts

If you teach seniors or just want to encourage them in your school, this shirt is perfect. With many styles and colors to choose from, this shirt is customizable to look however you’d like.

Buy it: Minimalist Senior 2023 Matching Shirt at Etsy

13. Appreciate the freshmen

Text that says "Who you callin' fresh?"

Welcome freshmen to your campus with these funny shirts! As if they didn’t feel nervous enough to start with, these shirts will definitely lighten their spirits.

Buy it: Freshmen shirts at Campus Threads

Clubs and Organizations Shirts

14. All about the vibes

Shirt with words "Student council vibes" written on it

If you are in the student council or an adult supervisor for your school’s council, this is the perfect shirt to represent. You should be proud of yourself, you future politician!

Buy it: Retro Student Council Vibes Shirt at Amazon

15. Who said theater isn’t a sport?

Shirt with text "Theatre is my sport" written on it- best school spirit shirts

It’s time to set the record straight: Theater IS a sport. Make sure the students and staff around you know by rocking this theater school-spirited shirt.

Buy it: Theatre Is My Sport Shirt at Etsy

16. Retro jazz band design

text that says "Jack band 2020"

This retro-looking design is perfect for a jazz director or someone looking to gift the jazz band something special. This shirt is available to buy in bulk and is very customizable.

Buy it: Retro-Style Jazz Shirt at Campus Threads

17. Show off some chess swag

Text that says "Chess, Lake Nona"

Whether you are pulling up to a chess tournament with your students or you just want to show some extra love to your chess club, this shirt is perfect. This design is available to purchase in bulk, so get to it!

Buy it: Chess Shirt at Custom Threads

Which are your favorite school spirit shirts? Come and share your favorites in our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group on Facebook.

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