2 Ways You can Teach your Children to Hide God’s Word in their Heart


Overarching Keys to Teaching the Bible

Here are some overarching keys to remember when teaching the Bible to your kids. If you can remember these it will be easier to connect God to daily life.

1-Establish that the ‘stories’ in the Bible are actually true – that this isn’t a storybook, but it is the Word of God.  This is one of the first things your children need to accept for them to truly accept Jesus.

2-Introduce the idea that we learn about God and His ways whenever we read the Bible. Whenever we read a passage or familiar story there is a lesson there for us to learn from. We need to teach our children to hear the heart lesson, not just know the facts of the story.  One question I asked my kids often was – what does God want us to learn about Him and His purposes by telling this story?

3-Read as if it is interesting – it is easy to slip into a monotone, especially with long passages but we need to read with enthusiasm, with a voice of awe and interest. We need to read it as if we truly believe that this is the living word of God – God’s letter to me, it is personal and meaningful. If we sound bored we will not be able to convince our children that this is worth their time.

4-Teach from the heart not from a book – Though we may use curriculum or resources at times if the lessons we want to impart to our children come from our heart instead of the lesson page our children will be far more receptive.

Discipleship is a relationship-driven thing – anyone can read a lesson – a parent though, can disciple the heart. This means we have to know our children, and know what lessons they need to be taught. It also means we need to know the Bible ourselves, we need to know God’s truths, and we need to spend time in thinking about how we can best communicate this to our children. 

I’m always challenged by the idea that If we were involved in an outreach programme or a kids church club type of thing – we would give a block of time to prepare, and yet we ‘outreach’ our children by the seat of our pants! We need to prepare to teach our children from God’s word.

5-Be open and honest about your relationship with Jesus – share what you’ve learnt, share the hard times and the times of blessings – be real about your walk with God. Let your children see that your relationship with Jesus is a real part of your life.

As we read the Bible more and more it makes more sense, our faith is strengthened, but most importantly we get to know God – the author. And when we include our children in this they have an opportunity to get to know God and hide his Word in their heart, from a young age.

What does it mean to have God’s word in our heart? 

What does it actually mean to hide God’s word in our heart?  

Well for starters – lets look at heart.  Our heart is the place where we think, believe, value, make choices.  So when God’s words are in our heart – it doesn’t just mean we love God’s word, its not just an emotional attachment to it, it means God’s word permeates through our thoughts, it is the foundation for what we believe and value, and what the Bible says, directs our choices.  There is a real chain reaction for hiding God’s word in our heart – and the Bible verse says it – but I think we need to unpack it so it doesn’t become just something we roll off our tongue because we are so familiar with the verse.

So that we may not sin against thee…. This is what will happen when God’s words, God’s truths, God’s ways, are a part of what we believe and value – if we let God’s words shape our beliefs and our choices – then we won’t sin against God.

Our role as parents is to disciple our children – that means we help them apply all Jesus’ teaching – so that they walk and grow as a Christian – that is once they become a Christian.  We have to be careful that we don’t imply that if they do all the things that makes God pleased they are in good standing with Him.  The only way to God is through Jesus – though once we are in harmony with Jesus, then we walk in a way that pleases God.  And hiding His word in our heart – means we will be able to walk in a way that pleases Him.  Don’t confuse this verse with their need for a saviour.  Knowing God’s word can be a different thing than knowing Jesus.  We need to make sure we don’t make this an academic thing where they know their Bible but don’t know the author.


What if God’s Word doesn’t stay in their heart

But what if God’s word doesn’t stay in their heart – what if they don’t want anything to do with Jesus or the Bible?

This is a heart breaking and tricky situation.  Heart breaking because for those who know God’s truth we dearly want our children to walk in His ways.  Tricky though becuase we can’t make them!  That is the work of the Holy Spirit.  

So we have a two fold responsibility

-1- To walk as a Christian ourself regardless of the choices our children make – our responsibility is to respond in a way that honours our God. 

Our 2nd responsibility is …

-2- To be a parent who loves our children (and this inlcudes giving them a safe and loving environment as much as it is about  teaching them the words of Jesus.)

Ultimately our children need to feel loved and safe for them to be able to listen to anything you have to say about God. 

We have to be careful not to Bible bash our kids.  It’s fine line to tred – and one that we probably all overstep at some time – Yes, we need to teach them about God and His word but we also have to be aware that our children need to choose Jesus for themselves – it is our job to create a home and family life that is God honouring in all our actions.

And there is a 3rd step …

-3- But most of all keep praying for your child.  One of the things that this does is it keeps your heart at peace and focused on God – so you will be able to respond to your child  in a way that continues to reflect God’s love, forgiveness and grace – regardless of the child’s response to him or to you.



Our names are Fareedah and Kamilah Amoo. We are seven and five year’s old sisters and live in Ontario, Canada, with our parents and little brother, Awad. We love writing stories, painting on canva, coding, reading books, and enjoying arts and crafts. Our goal is to motivate every child worldwide to read more books.

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