20 Good Anchor Charts for Educating Phonics and Blends


Phonics anchor charts and blends charts are a good way to show troublesome ideas to starting readers. Hold them across the classroom, and your college students will be capable to use them independently for elevated confidence and studying!

Listed below are 20 blends and phonics anchor charts we love.

1. Silent E

Silent e anchor chart, as an example of phonics anchor charts

Supply: 1 and a pair of With Mr. Su

College students will love placing phrases to the check each with a silent e on the tip and with out. Have college students maintain up a floating e so that they acknowledge each phrases.

2. Exhausting and Tender C

Word that start with c, as an example of phonics anchor charts

Supply: Mrs. Jones’s Class

The completely different sounds made by the letter C can undoubtedly be tough to know. You might need your college students enable you to create this anchor chart, developing with phrases that fall into each classes.

3. Row Your Boat

Phonics anchor char for "ow" and "oa" words

Supply: Shining and Sparkling in First Grade

We like how this anchor chart places vowel digraphs that make the identical sound facet by facet.

4. Explaining Consonant Blends

Phonics anchor chart with consonant blend examples

Supply: Consonant Blends/The Inspired Apple

Once you work on consonant blends, have college students evaluate every letter’s sound individually. Then have them pay shut consideration to what occurs once they mix collectively.

5. Starting Blends

Anchor charts with images and words featuring beginning blends.

Supply: The Mall-ard Kindergarten Marquee

The most effective a part of this chart is that you may add blends as you introduce them at school.

6. Double E Tree

Anchor chart featuring "ee" words.

Take one single idea, just like the double e, and give you each single phrase that it applies to.

7. Vowel Pairs

Anchor chart with illustrations and words featuring vowel pairs.

Use this anchor chart to assist outline the rule, after which encourage your college students to give you their very own examples so as to add.

8. Recipes for Blends

Anchor chart featuring illustrations and words that are recipes for blends.

Supply: Smitten With First

A cute analogy that may encourage college students to attempt completely different letters collectively, creating and testing their very own phrase “recipes” too.

9. It’s Owl Proper

Anchor chart with illustration of an owl with "ow" words.

Supply: Mrs. Jump’s Class

This cute owl chart reveals college students the numerous phrases that comprise an “ow” sound, whether or not it’s spelled “ow” or “ou.”

10. The Many Methods to Spell the Lengthy A Sound

Anchor chart with long a sounds.

Supply: Hello Literacy

One of many trickiest issues about phonics for college students to study is how the identical sound could be spelled a lot of other ways. It helps to see side-by-side examples, like on this anchor chart that describes the completely different spellings of the lengthy A sound.

11. Convey within the Blender

Blender with phonics blends inside as an anchor chart.

Supply: Tales of a Teacherista

Put the present blends you’re learning “within the blender.” Cute!

12. The H Brothers

The h brothers anchor chart for phonics.

We love how this anchor chart creatively reveals the completely different sounds digraphs containing the letter H make.

13. The Bandit Y

The "bandit y" anchor chart.

Supply: First Grade Fresh

Do that anchor chart to assist your youngsters find out how tough Y could be!

14. Pairs, Digraphs, and Diphthongs

Vowel pairs anchor chart.

Supply: Mrs. Gillespie’s Thoughts

What are the variations between these vowel pairs, anyway?

15. Sounds of G

Sof and hard g anchor chart.

Supply: Glitzy in 1st Grade

Is it a tough G? Is it a comfortable G? College students will simply study the distinction between the 2 and get nice examples too.

16. Ow vs. Oa

Anchor chart with "ow" and "oa" words.

This chart reveals the variations between phrases that comprise an extended O sound. We like how the start and ending blends are highlighted too.

17. Phonics Charts for Each Digraph

Example of "sh," "th," "ch," and "wh" words with illustrations, as an example of phonics anchor charts

Supply: The Inspired Apple

We love the thought of making completely different phonics charts for every digraph you’re learning and including phrases as you study them.

18. Lesson From a Pirate

Illustration of pirate with "ar" words, as an example of phonics anchor charts

Supply: Mrs. A’s Kindergarten

Get your pirate voice prepared since you’re undoubtedly going to need to use it while you go over phrases with “ar” in them.

19. Lengthy I Storytelling

phonics charts long I, as an example of phonics anchor charts

Supply: Tied Up With String

It’s enjoyable to jot down a category story or poem utilizing a sure sound as many occasions as doable.

20. Bossy R

phonics charts

Observe saying “Bossy R” phrases along with your college students. It actually helps them to listen to it stated out loud.

Love these phonics charts? Take a look at our anchor charts archive for much more topics and grades!

Plus, watch this video to see these phonics charts up shut!


Our names are Fareedah and Kamilah Amoo. We are seven and five year’s old sisters and live in Ontario, Canada, with our parents and little brother, Awad. We love writing stories, painting on canva, coding, reading books, and enjoying arts and crafts. Our goal is to motivate every child worldwide to read more books.

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