23 Fifth Grade Math Video games for Educating Fractions, Decimals, and Extra



It’s so important that fifth grade math college students master key concepts like fractions and decimals as they put together to advance to excessive math courses. These video games will help with these abilities, together with coordinate planes, calculating quantity, and extra. Select a couple of to strive in your classroom!

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1. Flip playing cards to check decimals

Playing cards laid out face up with red markers to turn them into decimals (Fifth Grade Math Games)

On this model of Battle, college students flip three playing cards and place a chip as a decimal level. Then, they evaluate their playing cards to see whose quantity is bigger. The winner takes all of the playing cards.

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2. Make a Buck to get apply including decimals

A hand holding playing cards

Cash is a helpful solution to give decimals real-life software. On this sport, college students use enjoying playing cards to symbolize quantities and work to get their fingers to equal precisely one greenback. (Find more math card games here.)

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3. Have a decimal snowball combat

Circles of paper with 0.3 written in them, with a printable worksheet and the word "free!" (Fifth Grade Math)

Every scholar receives a stack of decimal “snowballs.” They every flip one over and evaluate their numbers. The coed with the bigger quantity retains each snowballs.

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4. Flip college students into decimals

Taped number line on the floor with a blue ball used as a decimal

Even fifth grade math college students aren’t too outdated to get pleasure from human quantity strains! Lay out the road in your flooring, utilizing a playground ball for a decimal level. Then do that: select ten college students and provides them every a big card numbered from 0-9. Have one other scholar secretly write down a quantity to the thousandths place, then present directions to get the numbers to face in the correct locations. As an example, “Quantity 3 is within the a whole bunch place. Quantity 6 is within the hundredths place.” See how shortly college students can get into the correct place in line!

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5. Attempt to guess The place Is It?

Fifth Grade Math Games

One participant secretly plots a decimal on the road. The opposite participant guesses a decimal and plots it on their very own quantity line. The primary participant tells them whether or not their guess is bigger or smaller than the proper quantity. The gamers hold narrowing it down till they’ve accurately recognized one another’s numbers.

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6. Add and subtract decimals to win the sport

Printable Adding and Subtracting Decimals game with markers and base 10 blocks (Fifth Grade Math)

Print this free sport on the hyperlink, then have fifth grade math college students roll the cube, transfer their items, and add or subtract the numbers proven. The opposite scholar checks their reply on a calculator. In the event that they’re appropriate, they keep there. If not, they transfer again. For further apply, they’ll use base 10 blocks too.

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7. Give Bingo a decimals twist

Printable Fractions to Decimals board game with markers and dice

Convert fractions to decimals and see who may be the primary to Bingo on this free printable sport.

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8. Seize some spoons

Cards showing fractions with several plastic spoons (Fifth Grade Math Games)

For those who’ve performed Spoons earlier than, you recognize the drill. Match 4 of a sort (this time utilizing free printable fraction playing cards discovered on the hyperlink beneath), and also you get to seize for a spoon—and so does everybody else! The loser takes one letter of the phrase SPOON, and play continues.

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9. Use counters for fraction apply

Red and yellow counters laid out in groups of four

Seize a handful of counter chips of two completely different colours and lay them out. Then problem college students to quite a lot of fraction actions: what fraction do they make? What are the equal fractions? Repeat the exercise a couple of occasions and add, subtract, multiply, or divide the fractions.

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10. Multiply and evaluate fractions with dominoes

Worksheet titled Multiplying Domino Fractions with dominoes (Fifth Grade Math Games)

Fifth grade math college students do a number of work with fractions, and dominoes are good manipulatives! On this easy sport, every scholar attracts two dominoes. They multiply and cut back, then see who has the bigger quantity.

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11. Race on a quantity line

This free printable sport provides youngsters apply multiplying fractions by an entire quantity. Seize it on the hyperlink. (Here are more number line activities for all ages.)

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12. Play Fraction Battle with dominoes

Every participant flips a domino and turns it so the bigger quantity is on high, making an improper fraction. Then they write the blended quantity and cut back it if wanted. The participant with the bigger quantity retains each dominoes.

Supply: Runde’s Room

13. Bounce to collect line plot knowledge

Student jumping while others watch and measure

That is such a enjoyable solution to apply gathering knowledge and utilizing it to make line plots! A protracted leap contest will get youngsters up and transferring. You can too measure your wrists or your toes.

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14. Construct with sample blocks to be the First to Six

Printable First to Six game board and Record Sheet with pattern blocks

Pull out your pattern blocks and have fifth grade math college students use them as they work on including blended numbers.

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15. Write equations to play Can You Make It?

A series of numbers on green sticky notes on a whiteboard. Text reads "Can you make 142 with..." (Fifth Grade Math Games)

All you want for this easy fifth grade math sport are some sticky notes. Set a goal quantity and supply numerals to work with. Problem youngsters to make use of quite a lot of operations, together with brackets.

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16. Construct with LEGO bricks to measure quantity

Student using a ruler to measure LEGO bricks

Fifth grade math college students encounter quantity for the primary time. LEGO bricks may be a good way to introduce the topic and assist them see the way it works.

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17. Play Two Truths and a Lie

2 Truths and a Lie printable game for learning math

Engaged on quantity? Pose a “Two Truths and a Lie” puzzle, then problem college students to provide you with their very own!

Supply: Teaching Ladybug/TPT

18. Write the room for quantity apply

Cube drawn on chart paper with sticky notes showing the volume computations (Fifth Grade Math Games)

Put up a collection of figures across the room for college kids to search out. Ask them to calculate the quantity (alone or in teams) and submit their reply on sticky notes that reveals their work. (Check out these other ways to Write the Room.)

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19. Join 4 in a coordinate aircraft

Rules and gameboard for playing Connect 4 in a coordinate plane

Coordinate planes are one other new idea in fifth grade math. This easy sport helps youngsters find out how they work as they attempt to be the primary to graph 4 in a row.

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20. Monitor minifigs on a coordinate aircraft

Lego minifigures standing on a coordinate plane made of Lego bricks, with coordinate plane worksheets

Right here’s one other method to make use of LEGO bricks for fifth grade math. Children find the hidden minifigs utilizing coded coordinates. So cool!

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21. Reveal the reality about Battleship

Printable Battleship rules and game boards

Bear in mind whenever you realized that the sport Battleship was actually all about coordinate planes? Time to share that together with your fifth grade math college students! Play the actual sport, or get free printables to make use of on the hyperlink beneath.

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22. Make a human coordinate aircraft

Students standing on a classroom floor marked to represent a coordinate plane

Does your classroom have sq. flooring tiles? Use them to make a life-size coordinate aircraft! Then have youngsters stand in a single spot and leap to a brand new one. After they arrive, they have to announce their new coordinates. You can too name out directions like “Transfer forward two on the X-axis and again three on the Y-axis.” Children will assume and transfer on the similar time, reinforcing the training.

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23. Resolve a thriller image

Penguin Coordinate Grid printable fifth grade math game

Coordinate aircraft thriller photos are enjoyable and very fashionable. You could find numerous choices accessible on the net. Do this totally free on the hyperlink.

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