45 Crochet Patterns For Cat Lovers – Crochet



This roundup is all about cats and kittens, you do not need to be a crazy cat lady to love these patterns and you don’t really have to love cats, just like them. These 45 patterns are fun to make and fun to gift to anyone who loves cats and kittens.  One of the most popular roundups we have made, seems there just might be more cat lovers out there than dog lovers.

All of these links, link directly to the crochet patterns, some are free and some are paid. I have tried to include patterns of all difficulty levels.


Pumpkin the Cat & Hat Crochet Pattern

Cat Lollipop Cover: Crochet Halloween — CraftBits.com 

Paw Coaster

Paw Print Applique

Kitty Hat Beanie

Mermaid Cat Doll

Calico Cat Cardi Crochet Pattern

Paw Print Beanie

Crazy Cat Lady Appliques Crochet Pattern

Cat Yarn Project Bag Crochet Pattern

Calico Cat Tissue Roll Cover Crochet Pattern

Kitty Cat Kawaii Cuddler Crochet Pattern

Jungle Cats Crochet Pattern

Cat Pullover 

Cat Bum Coasters

Amigurumi Art Cats Kit – Persian

Cat Baby Jumper

Granny Square Afghan Block Cushion

Felted Black Cat Bag

Dumpling Cats 

Cat Door stop 

Cat Silhouette Blanket 

Valentines Day Cat 

Cat shaped mini basket 

Cat Paw Chair Socks

Cat Eyes 

Crochet Kitty Face Scrubbies

Black cat towel topper

Cat Purse 

Kitty Pretend play Set

Cat Christmas Stocking

Kitten in a Basket Tote Crochet Pattern

Chester the Christmas Cat

Tapestry Crochet Tote

Amigurumi Black Cat Door Stopper

Crochet Cat With Heart 

Cat In a Snowman Hat Crochet Pattern

Alfred the Cat Crochet Pattern

Crochet Whispurr the Cat

Mini Cat 

Pickles the Calico Cat

Chubby Nyan Cat 

Pillow Cat

Siamese Cat Pullover 

Did you know these fun cat facts?

Cats have the ability to jump five times their own height.
An adult cat’s brain is around 5 cm (2 inches) length, weighs 30 grammes, and has about twice as many neurones in its cerebral cortex as a dog’s.
Males are more likely to walk on their left paws, whilst females are more likely to walk on their right.



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