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Making sunflower crafts is a fun way to usher in the fall season. These sunflower craft ideas range from preschool through full-fledged adults, so have fun!

Sunflower Crafts

Sunflower Crafts and Recipe Ideas

Whether you’re looking for preschool-friendly craft ideas or projects that adults can make, there’s a sunflower craft here for everyone. Adults will love the sunflower wreaths made from burlap and decomesh, and kids will love recycling and turning nothing into something!

JUST ADDED! Check out these gorgeous sunflower kissing balls! Perfect for a fall party or an autumn wedding! 

Sunflower Fun Facts

  • Did you know that the sunflower is the only flower with the word “flower” in its name?
  • Sunflower seedlings follow the movement of the sun across the sky. This process is called heliotropism. Once the flower actually blooms the process stops.
  • The sunflower is the Kansas state flower.
  • Some varieties of sunflowers can grow as tall as 8-12 feet in just six months! In fact, the tallest one on record was grown in the Netherlands in 1986. It measured over a whopping 25 feet!
  • One sunflower can have up to 2,000 seeds in its center.
  • There are more than 60 different varieties of sunflowers and can be found all over the world.
  • You’ve probably eaten the striped seeds, but the solid black ones are used to make sunflower oil.
sunflower crafts collage


  1. Clothespin Sunflower – Turn ordinary clothespins into a beautiful sunflower.
  2. Paper Plate Sunflower – Paper plate crafts are always perfect for kids of any age.
  3. Coffee Filter Sunflowers – Use coffee filters to create sunflowers with the kids.
  4. Salt Dough Candle Holder Sunflower – Make beautiful candle holders for loved ones with some salt dough.
  5. Pretty Painted Sunflower – This painted sunflower is perfect for any preschooler.
  6. Upcycled Sunflower Craft – Use some leftover packing peanuts to create the center of your sunflower craft.
  7. Easy Paper Plate Sunflower – Here’s another cool version of the paper plate sunflower.
  8. Cupcake Liner Sunflower – Simple, yet super cute. Kids will enjoy making their very own sunflower.
  9. Sunflower Thank You Cards – Who wouldn’t love to receive a pretty painted sunflower card?
easy kids sunflower crafts


  1. Sunflower Handprint Keepsake – Perfect sunflower keepsake for anyone.
  2. Cute Sunflower Gift Wrap – Personalize your gifts with some sunflower patterns.
  3. Painted Newspaper Sunflower – Newspapers are transformed with some paint into sweet sunflowers.
  4. Sunflower Rubber Band Ring – Design your very own sunflower ring with some rubber bands and a loom.
  5. Paper Sunflowers – Let your little ones make vibrant sunflowers with some old newspapers.
  6. Paper Doilies Sunflowers – Turn doilies into an adorable sunflower.
  7. Sunflower Printing – Who would have thought cardboard tubes would make cool sunflower petals for stamping?
  8. Paper Plate Weaving Sunflowers – A couple paper plates and string, you have some beautiful sunflowers.
  9. Egg Carton Sunflowers – Recycle eggs carton and turn them into flowers with some paint.
Sunflower Art for kids


  1. Giant Sunflower Craft – These giant recycled sunflowers are just adorable and kid-friendly.
  2. Paper Plate Sunflower – A paper plate makes the perfect sunflower craft.
  3. Paper Plate Weaving Sunflower – Here’s a simple paper plate craft kids can make together.


  1. Felt Sunflower Change Purse – This change purse looks too pretty to be homemade.
  2. Paper Sunflower – Perfect project for a craft night with the girls.
  3. Painted Pinecone Sunflowers – Make your very own sunflowers from pinecones you find outside.
  4. Crepe Paper Sunflowers – Create sophisticated crepe sunflowers, perfect for a table setting.
  5. Crochet Sunflower Hat and Booties – How adorable would these sunflower hat and booties be as a gift?
  6. Crochet Sunflower – This crochet sunflower is simple to make with easy instructions.
  7. Pretty Crepe Sunflowers – Sunflowers brighten up any room so make some with crepe paper and hot glue.
sunflower wall art ideas


  1. Easy to Paint Sunflower Wooden Sign – Dress up any area with your own painted sunflower art.
  2. Sunflower Handprint Art – Perfect Mother’s Day or Grandparents Day gift.
  3. Re-Creating Art with Sunflowers – Kids can create historical art with coffee filters, paint and canvas.
  4. Shell Sunflower Plaque – Save some shells from your vacations and create a wall art with memories.
  5. Van Gogh Sunflower Art – Don’t just make a sunflower, make some art.
  6. Decoupage Sunflower Wall Art – Use a little decoupage and some sunflower prints for easy wall art.
  7. Egg Carton Sunflower Wall Art – If you’ve been saving egg cartons, then this is the project for you.
  8. Painting Sunflowers – I love the idea of learning to paint sunflowers like these.
sunflower wreaths collage


  1. Kids Sunflower Wreath – This darling kids wreath is so easy to make for the Fall.
  2. Felt Sunflower Wreath – A decorative and stunning idea for your front door.
  3. Burlap Sunflower Wreath – Turn some simple burlap into a fun Summery door wreath.
  4. Burlap and Deco Mesh Sunflower Wreath – An easy to make project you’ll have all year and love.
  5. Giant Sunflower Wreath – Recycled paper turned into a giant sunflower craft.
  6. Sunflower and Coneflower Wreath – If you have sunflowers from the garden, then create a wreath for your door.
  7. Corn Husk and Pinecone Wreath – Don’t throw those corn husks away, save for a beautiful Fall wreath.
  8. Simple Sunflower and Burlap Wreath – Some burlap and sunflowers create a simple wreath to keep up all year long.
Sunflower recipes collage


  1. Sunflower Brownie Pops – I bet these sunflower cake pops taste as good as they look.
  2. Candy Melt Sunflowers – Only 2 ingredients required for these sunflower treats.
  3. Sunflower Brownie and Cookies – These yummy sunflower cookies will be irresistible.
  4. Sunflower Marshmallow Pops – These would be a fun craft/snack to make with the kids.
  5. Sunflower Brownies and Ice Cream – Could these sunflower treats be any cuter for the kids?!
  6. Lemon Sunflower Cupcakes – Learn to make beautiful cupcakes for a spring or summer party.
  7. Decorated Sunflower Marshmallow Pops – Sunflower snacks kids and adults can make together.

Not Pictured

  1. Sunflower Kissing Balls – These adorable home decorations are so easy to make and add the perfect splash of color!
  2. Sunflower Mason Jar Centerpieces – We made these beautiful centerpieces for a BBQ themed bridal shower!


Making sunflower crafts is a fun way to usher in the fall season. These sunflower craft ideas range from preschool through full fledged adults, so have fun!

Surely you’ve found some fun sunflower crafts to keep you busy with your fall crafting! Let me know if you have a favorite sunflower project that was not listed here.

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