7 DIY Kids’ Halloween Costumes


Sometimes, kids’ Halloween costumes can just get way too pricey. At AllFreeKidsCrafts, we believe in saving a buck or two and creating something unique from every other child on the block. DIY kids’ Halloween costumes give your children the freedom to express themselves in anything they can dream up. Your child will feel like a million bucks after receiving so many compliments on his or her homemade costume.

Whether they love exciting animals or cool new characters, they will surely adore something handmade by their parent. After Halloween is over, they can use their costumes during imaginative playtime activities, miscellaneous costume parties, or save them to pass on to a younger brother or sister. The possibilities are truly endless, so if you don’t know where to start, these seven DIY kids’ Halloween costumes should provide plenty of inspiration. Enjoy!

DIY Kids' Halloween Costumes

Wildly Easy Halloween Costumes

Use animals as inspiration to let your child’s inner beast show. From the hot desert sands to the deep blue sea, these DIY kids’ Halloween costumes are inspired by animals from all walks of life. If your child is into something a little more Jurassic, make him or her a DIY dinosaur costume to help them find their inner roar. Who knew that cardboard and paint could yield such fantastic homemade Halloween costumes?

Octopus DIY Kids Costume

Octopus DIY Kids Costume

Llama DIY Costume Idea

Octopus DIY Kids Costume

Shark DIY Halloween Costume

DIY Dinosaur Costume for Kids


Homemade Halloween Costumes with Character

Is your child a little more animated than the other kids? Some of the most popular franchises for kids are Star Wars and Despicable Me, so there’s a pretty good chance your child would jump at the opportunity to wear this Homemade Minion Costume and be a real-life…whatever a “Minion” is.

Homemade Minion Costume

Homemade Minion Costume

DIY BB-8 Costume Idea

Lucy Wilde Despicable Me Costume

Homemade Minion Costume

For even more craft-tastic Halloween fun, take a look at 16 Halloween Crafts for Kids!

What was your favorite costume from your childhood? Let us know below in the comments!

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