7 Halloween Sensory Bin Ideas for Kids


Whip up a quick batch of cloud dough and try these 7 halloween sensory bin ideas for engaged sensory play that is slightly spooky.

Updated August 2022

Have you ever made cloud dough? It’s SUPER easy and kids love it!

If this is your first try, be sure to check out our post and video on How to Make Cloud Dough to help you get started.

Child with cloud dough cupcake
Photo by Rachel Withers

At my art classes, cloud dough is like a magnet that draws kids in and grabs their attention.

It inspires creative play and is fun to mold, making it the perfect sensory material for kids. (If you’d like other ideas for sensory play materials we have a whole list of favorites.)

And don’t miss 10 Fall Sensory Play Activities for Kids that are taste safe as well––a good fit for older babies & young toddlers.

At The Artful Parent, we get really excited about Halloween. DIY Halloween costumes, Halloween arts & crafts activities, and cute and slightly spooky Halloween decorations make this month such fun with kids.

Halloween cloud dough for kids

It seemed only right to merge our Halloween love with cloud dough.

I teamed up with my team member, Andrea Martelle, to create these fun variations of Halloween sensory bins for kids. We hope you’re inspired to create your own with your kids.

Halloween Sensory Bin Ideas

Chocolate cloud dough
Photo by Rachel Withers

1. Chocolate Candy Corn Cloud Dough

Mix in cocoa powder to the basic cloud dough recipe and incorporate. This is extra cute with candy corns and little pumpkins.

Autumn cloud dough for kids
Photo by Rachel Withers

2. Cute Kitties + Pumpkins

Candy pumpkins, black sprinkles and cat candles make a fun addition to this sensory play baking setup for kids.

Photo by Rachel Withers

3. Spooky Spider Cloud Dough

Find some spiders, bats and big eye sprinkles to add a slightly spooky twist to this variation.

Child playing with sensory play bin
Photo by Rachel Withers

4. Purple Monster Mash

A mix of spiky balls, candy pumpkins and eye sprinkles make the purple cloud dough really pop.

5. Slithering Snake Cloud Dough

Halloween mini erasers, plastic snakes and colorful balls provide an exciting sensory play set up for kids.

Photo by Rachel Withers

6. Skulls + Bones

Find little bones, skulls or skeletons to throw in the cloud dough. Candy corn adds a nice contrast!

Monster cloud dough
Photo by Rachel Withers

7. Creepy Monster Halloween Cloud Dough

Eyeballs! Glowing hands! What other spooky additions might you add?

Cloud dough & painted pumpkins
Photo by Rachel Withers

People Also Ask

1. What ingredients do I need?

  • 1 cup baby oil (vegetable oil also works, but doesn’t keep as well)

2. How long does it take to make?

Cloud dough comes together quickly. Allow 5-10 minutes to mix up a new batch.

3. How do I color the cloud dough?

To color the cloud dough, add candy food coloring (regular food coloring and gel food coloring will not work!)

Combine food coloring and oil before incorporating into the flour.

4. What age is good for cloud dough?

Set up a sensory tray or bin for older babies and toddlers to explore this fun material! (Keep in mind, cloud dough should not be ingested as it contains raw flour).

Nature soup by Rachel Withers
Photo by Rachel Withers

More Sensory Play Ideas for Kids

halloween KAS workshop graphic

Autumn Arts & Crafts Ideas & Supplies

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7 Halloween Cloud Dough Ideas for Kids
Photo by Rachel Withers

7 Halloween Sensory Bin Ideas for Kids


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