8+ Salt Dough Ornaments to Make this Christmas


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Homemade Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments

Salt dough is an easy recipe that molds with your fingers then hardens when you bake it in the oven. You can make any shape or form with salt dough! The holiday theme is endless to think about…Christmas trees, sleds, reindeer, snowmen, snowflakes, you name it you can make it! Just click on the links above the photos to get the best salt dough recipe for ornaments.

Here are 2 pieces you need to make, a Christmas tree shape and a star. You have the kids push their fingerprints into the dough, bake, then paint when it’s dry.

This is the cutest keepsake ornament in my opinion! Some footprint reindeer faces to hang on your Christmas tree. It’s a very simple craft to do with your little ones.

Make a Santa Claus face ornament using salt dough and your little ones handprints! The finger indents make Santa’s white beard after painting it, so cute!

You can make little penguins out of your child’s footprint! Just have them stamp their foot and paint it when its dry.

If you want to make a pet keepsake ornament, you can make little paw print ones! I think it’s very sweet when a dog is old and you want to remember them by something. Just make sure you put them high up on the Christmas tree because they are toxic to pets if eaten.

Why not do a whole family of footprint snowmen!? It’s very simple and the different sizes are so cute next to each other on the tree.

If you want a quick Christmas salt dough ornament, just make a circle with the dough and have the kids push 3 fingerprints into the middle in a row. After its baked, they can have fun painting a snowman with snowflakes falling all around it!

Make a gingerbread man using your kiddos fingerprints and salt dough!

Decorate your whole tree with salt dough snowflakes! You can paint them many different colors and add glitters to make them sparkle in the Christmas lights!


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