Clothespin Soldier Ornaments – Crafty Morning



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I stumbled across this adorable Christmas ornament idea using clothespins that Nancy Breaden made! They almost look like nutcrackers too.

Nancy said “Painted body crimson red, legs navy and boots black. Used a fine point black sharpie for eyes and hat strap. Strap is on side of head & is drawn from the middle of the head at hat line angling to the chin, around front of face under chin and up the other side. Hot glued gold hangers on back of hat area. Used velvet yarn for hat, just wrapped and glued around “hat” area. Hot glued 3/8 inch gold metallic braid down front of body. Glued 1/16 inch gold metallic trim down outside of pant leg (same material as hanger), around neck and around waist. Cut .35 x 12 inch chenille stems into four equal pieces, this made four sets of arms. Hot glued small oval bead on end of each arm for hand. Beads from Hobby Lobby were in a small bag of assorted beads, colors & shapes. Hot glued braid around each hand for cuff. Hot glued arms on the back of the neck, then bent the arms forward and then down on side of body. Another dab of hot glue at the shoulder.”

They are just too cute and would be so fun to make!



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