Colorado Board Censures Regent for Mistreating Colleagues



The University of Colorado Board of Regents on Wednesday censured one of its members, Glen Gallegos, for engaging in what it called “disparaging, disrespectful and, at times … threatening” behavior toward the university’s employees and colleagues.

The censure, which Gallegos himself joined the other members in voting to approve, will not force him off the board that governs the university system’s campuses. But he will be barred from any committee or leadership positions and prohibited from attending internal or external events in his capacity as a regent.

The resolution approved by the board did not identify the behavior in question. But The Denver Post quoted unidentified officials at the university as saying that Gallegos “repeatedly engaged in hostile and abusive verbal behavior toward women, a pattern they said culminated this year with a problematic incident, which they declined to disclose, citing personnel rules.”

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