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Discover the top resources for Diwali Activities for Kids. Here are a few ways to teach your child about the Festival of Lights. You will find Diwali Craft Ideas, Diwali Recipes, Diwali Books for Kids and even a few Diwali Videos to show your child.

Diwali Activities for Kids with Rangolis, Diyas, Books and more

Learning about the world and the festivals around it encourages our children to become Global Kids.

As we start the holiday season many of us enjoy sharing our moments of gratitude throughout the month.I’d love to take a moment to let my husband know I am forever grateful that he brought a whole other country and religion into my little world when we were married.

Diwali Activities for Kids

Diwali Activities for Kids 

I am forever learning and growing as I learn more about India so that I can help our children learn more about where they are from.

Here are a few fun ways that I’ve helped to teach my daughters about the special holiday called Diwali.

What is Diwali

What is Diwali? Why is Diwali celebrated? The Festival of lights is a holiday celebrated around the world.

Diwali is a five-day festival of lights, celebrated by millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Jains across the world. The festival, which coincides with the Hindu New Year, celebrates new beginnings and the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness

No matter your background I do think it’s important for all children to know about the festivals around the world.

Here are a few crafts, activities, videos, and books to help my children and perhaps your child learn about Diwali this holiday season.

Diwali Activities for Kids to Make

Diwali Activities for Kids Diyas and Coloring Sheets

Make Your Own Diya, Coloring Sheet and Song About Diwali

Learning About Indian Sweets on Diwali

Making Diwali Sweets with a pretend playdough made with Cardamom

Indian Sweets for Diwali with Kids

Make Your Own Diyas for Diwali

Recipe for Making Samosas with Kids for Diwali

Making Indian Samosas with Kids and more! 

Making Diyas with Kids for Diwali

Create Your Own Diya for Diwali 

Learn about Indian Designs with Kids

DIY Diya Crafts for Kids this Diwali

17 Diya Crafts for Kids

Flower Rangoli for Diwali with Kids

Creating Flower Rangoli Designs with Kids


Rangoli Craft Idea for Kids;

The Best Diwali Books for Kids of all Ages

Diwali Crafts for Kids

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Diwali Activity Ideas from Amazon

I’m really impressed with how many products options there are now available for parents when it comes to Diwali products. These would make a fun gift to give to your child and other families who are celebrating Diwali this festival season.

Explore Diwali with Kids through Diwali Activities, Crafts, Books and Recipes at The Educators' Spin On it

Diwali Videos for Kids

Here are several kid friendly videos about Diwali for your child. A few are animated Diwali videos while others share real life videos of families and communities celebrating Diwali together.

A fun way to explore and learn more about the festival of lights with your child.

Ramayana : Story of Diwali | Mythological Stories from Mocomi Kids. Here’s an animated version of the story of Diwali

Here’s National Geographic detailed description of what it’s like in India on Diwali.

In this video, Jalebi Street brings to you an interesting learning video for kids that brings out the importance of Diwali.

Spending a day in India with a local family for Diwali.

5-minute Diwali story! Includes all 5 days of celebration including the story of Diwali.

Hindus celebrate Diwali, the festival of lights.

Books About Diwali For Kids

Here are some children’s picture books to help your child learn about Diwali.

Click on each image to purchase the book on Amazon

For more Diwali book suggestions, visit our Book List of the Best Diwali Books for Kids of All Ages.

Diwali Coloring Books

 Looking for more Diwali Ideas for Kids? Check out our Diwali Crafts for Kids Click here 

Wishing you a very Happy Diwali from the Vij Family at The Educators’ Spin On It!

Diwali Activities for Kids featuring Rangoli, Diyas and Indian Tradition of Lighting Candle

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