Custom Learning For Collaborative Learning Cultures


Creating Collaborative Learning Cultures With Hybrid Learning Solutions

It’s been established that blended learning is a fantastic fuse to support today’s workforce. Not only does it increase learning effectiveness, it also decreases the overall costs of the curriculum. A blended learning environment couldn’t be made possible without a hybrid learning LMS with capabilities to support your ever-changing L&D needs. A hybrid learning LMS should include features that are important to your admins and learners such as integrated authoring and an intuitive UI, as well as a handful of other crucial features.

Support a Blended Learning Program with These LMS Features:

  • Learning paths
  • Social learning
  • Virtual classrooms
  • Learning analytics and reporting

eBook Release: Your Guide To Creating Your Own Customized Hybrid Learning Success Story

eBook Release

Your Guide To Creating Your Own Customized Hybrid Learning Success Story

Discover how to create your own customized hybrid learning program and achieve success on your own terms.

How Custom Learning Paves The Way For Collaborative Learning Cultures

Meridian LMS prides itself on how we have paved our way to becoming a true partnership model, ensuring our customers can create and manage their own customized hybrid learning programs. When an organization takes the step towards implementing or reinventing its learning and development initiatives, an LMS plays a crucial role in advancing alongside the future of work. The right LMS partner not only helps organizations retain and attract top talent, but also forges a collaborative and supportive learning culture that nurtures individual growth. All in all, the right learning tech and strategies are a dynamic duo that lay a solid foundation for long-term success.

Finding The Right Solution

Powering progress with compliance training, branded and blended learning environments, and eCommerce solutions, Meridian Learning Management System (LMS) addresses complex learning challenges for customers. Our award-winning enterprise-level learning management platform contains our proprietary Learning Record Store (LRS), Career Explorer, content authoring tools, and natively integrates content provided by our partner OpenSesame. Meridian LMS is available in the cloud, on-premise, or private cloud.


Download the eBook Your Guide To Creating Your Own Customized Hybrid Learning Success Story today to create a hybrid training program that bridges gaps and makes the most of your internal talent. You can also join the webinar to implement a more successful hybrid learning environment for your organization.

eBook Release: Meridian LMS™

Meridian LMS™

Meridian Knowledge Solutions offers an enterprise learning management system software to commercial, federal, state and local governments tailored to meet your unique corporate training needs.


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