Distinctive Phrases That Begin with the Letter U


Let’s have some enjoyable right now with U phrases! Phrases that begin with the letter U are distinctive and surprising. We have now a listing of U letter phrases, animals that begin with U, U coloring pages, locations that begin with the letter U and letter U meals. These U phrases for teenagers are excellent to be used at dwelling or within the classroom as a part of alphabet studying.

Words that start with U: Letter U image shown with both Uu and the word Urchin and a cute urchin animal picture - Kids Activities Blog
What are phrases that begin with U? Urchin!

U Phrases for Youngsters

In case you are on the lookout for phrases starting with U for Kindergarten or Preschool, you may have come to the precise place! Letter of the Day actions and alphabet letter lesson plans have by no means been simpler or extra enjoyable.

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  • U is for Understanding, which implies to grasp or know one thing.
  • U is for United, or joined collectively.
  • U is for Distinctive, one other phrase for particular or totally different.

There are limitless methods to spark extra concepts for instructional alternatives for the letter U. In case you are on the lookout for worth phrases that begin with U, take a look at this listing from Personal DevelopFit.

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Animals that Start with the Letter U - Urchin - Kids activities blog - orange sea urchin sitting on the ocean floor
Urchin begin with the letter U!


There are such a lot of animals that begin with a letter U. Once you have a look at animals that start with the letter U, one can find them as uncommon because the beginning sound of U! I feel you’ll agree while you learn the enjoyable info related to letter U animals.

1. URCHIN is an Animal that Begins with U

Though it could be onerous to inform, that spiny ball is alive!  About 950 species dwell on the seabed, inhabiting all oceans and depth zones as much as 16,000 ft. Sea urchins transfer slowly, crawling with their tube feet, and generally pushing themselves with their spines. They feed totally on algae but additionally eat slow-moving animals.

You may learn extra in regards to the U animal, Urchin on WHOI.

2. UMBRELLA BIRD is an Animal that Begins with U

The Umbrellabird is a big, tropical species of fowl that’s discovered inhabiting the rainforests of Central and South America. All three species are comparatively related in look with an umbrella-like crest on the highest of their heads (for which they have been named) and a pendant-shaped inflatable pouch on their throats. For many of the 12 months, the Umbrellabird could be discovered inhabiting lowlands and mountain foothills, typically at altitudes lower than 500 meters. Throughout the breeding season nonetheless, they migrate greater into the mountains the place they collect in teams referred to as a “Lek” the place they’ll discover a mate. Fruits and small animals are the Umbrellabird’s major sources of meals, consuming a variety of invertebrates similar to bugs and spiders, together with small frogs and birds.

You may learn extra in regards to the U animal, Umbrella Chook on A-Z Animals.

3. URIAL is an Animal that Begins with U

The Urial is a wild sheep subspecies. The males have very massive horns, as some can measure as much as 3 ft. Their fur is normally brownish crimson in coloration, and so they have white ‘beards’ on their faces beneath the mouth. Like most wild sheep, the Urial is present in hilly terrain, and are herbivores. They eat grasses, and lichen, together with different vegetation if wanted. As social animals they dwell in flocks for cover from predators and heat at evening. This species is endangered.

You may learn extra in regards to the U animal, Urial on The Website of Everything.

4. UAKARI is an Animal that Begins with U

The Bald uakari is a South American primate with a somewhat uncommon look. Thus, this animal displays a shiny crimson, large and flat face. One other attribute characteristic of this animal is its extraordinarily quick tail. The pure habitat of this species stretches all through Amazonian area of western Brazil, japanese Peru and in southern Colombia, the place these animals inhabit solely tropical forest. They usually desire flooded areas or will stick near rivers. Uakaris are extremely social creatures, forming teams of 10 – 30 people, though these primates have been noticed in bigger items of as much as 100.

You may learn extra in regards to the U animal, Uakari on Animalia.

5. UGUISU is an Animal that Begins with U

The Uguisu is a small species of fowl that’s natively discovered all through Japan, China and Taiwan, together with quite a lot of different areas of the far east. The Uguisu can also be generally referred to as the Japanese Bush-Warbler, as it’s named for its superbly distinctive tune.  They’re omnivores, however they primarily eat little bugs, larva, and spiders throughout summer time and so they primarily eat seeds and nuts throughout winter. The Uguisu is a comparatively solitary fowl with people solely actually coming collectively in the course of the breeding season. 

You may learn extra in regards to the U animal, Ugusisu on Animals A to Z for Kids.

Letter U Animal Coloring Pages

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U is for unicorn information and facts - printed pdf file of unicorn facts
U is for unicorn info

U is for Unicorn Coloring Pages

Right here at Youngsters Actions Weblog we imagine in unicorns and have a whole lot of enjoyable unicorn coloring pages and unicorn printables that can be utilized when celebrating the letter U:

Child playing on united states map - Kids Activities Blog - child on scooter rolling over US map painted on sidewalk
What locations can we go to that begin with U?


Have you ever ever questioned what nations and cities start with the letter U? We discovered some fairly attention-grabbing locations we want to go to…

1. U is for United States of America

Mountains. The rolling prairie lands and barren deserts within the west to the large areas of dense wilderness within the north. Interspersed all through are the Nice Lakes, the Grand Canyon, the majestic Yosemite Valley and the mighty Mississippi River. And that’s simply the gorgeous landscapes! There may be an excessive amount of to say about our unbelievable dwelling!

2. U is for United Arab Emirates

This nation has mountains within the japanese half and a dry desert with rolling sand dunes within the centre of the barren panorama. The UAE is a federation of seven emirates (like states!). Abu Dhabi is the biggest emirate because it accounts for 84% of the whole land space of the federation. Abu Dhabi can also be dwelling to the capital metropolis additionally referred to as Abu Dhabi. Dubai is the second largest emirate and the financial hub of the area. Dubai can also be recognized for its three man-made archipelagos, two have been designed to appear like a palm tree, and one to resemble a world map and for the world’s highest constructing, Burj Khalifa.

Ugli Fruit illustration - Kids Activities Blog
Ugli Fruit begins with U.


U is for Ugli Fruit

Ugli fruit, also called Jamaican tangelo or uniq fruit, is a cross between an orange and a grapefruit. It’s gaining recognition for its novelty and candy, citrusy style. Folks additionally prefer it as a result of its unusual inexperienced peel is simple to take away.

You can also make an Ugli Fruit into absolutely anything you may make with oranges! Listed below are 5 of my favourite orange recipes that might be straightforward to “ugli-fy”!

You may learn extra in regards to the U meals, Ugli Fruit at HealthLine.

Extra Letter U Phrases & Assets for Alphabet Studying

Are you able to consider extra examples for phrases that begin with the letter U? Share a few of your favorites, beneath!


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