Educate College students About Wholesome Friendships in Preparation for Center Faculty

Let’s speak wholesome friendships! As academics, we wish to give our college students the instruments they have to be profitable, together with surrounding themselves with constructive friendships. Making ready them for the following step of their training—center faculty—is usually a daunting process. Center faculty drama, hormone adjustments, and battling expectations make having constructive friendships much more essential. Educate college students key abilities together with managing feelings, understanding boundaries, and sustaining wholesome friendships to assist set them up for fulfillment in center faculty.

Our associates at Day One have free classes and actions to assist your college students construct these important abilities. Convey the framework for wholesome friendships into your classroom with the Let’s Talk About Healthy Friendships Guide, which helps to:

Establish and Handle Feelings

  • Speak about nonverbal clues that trace at how others are feeling.
  • Brainstorm particular phrases that describe feelings and the way these feelings make us really feel.
  • Exercise: Work by methods college students can use to handle feelings.

Be taught Boundaries

  • Outline boundaries and brainstorm examples of boundaries in a friendship.
  • Speak about consent and what it means in a friendship, like asking for a hug.
  • Exercise: Working in pairs, learn eventualities and determine the best way to respect boundaries within the given state of affairs.

Day One Boundaries Lesson

Handle Wholesome Friendships

  • Discover 4 phrases that describe a wholesome friendship: independence, communication, respect, and fairness.
  • Predict the end result of various actions between associates.
  • Exercise: Plan a skit, sketch, or illustration to show new data of feelings, boundaries, and friendships.

Day One healthy friendships handout

Get Your Friendship Guide

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