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Explainer Videos

Explainer videos, as the name suggests, are nothing but short videos that convey a particular concept or message. Storytelling has always been a great way to connect with the audience. Explainer videos are basically storytelling taken to a new level. It’s showing the stories instead of telling them.

Explainer videos can be animated or live shot. The primary function of an explainer video is to explain a concept or share a message. It is usually a short video that people use to introduce an idea, explain the concept, and tell how the idea helps to solve their customer’s problems. It’s a way to make a lasting impression on the audience. It also gives enough information so that the audience can relate it to their needs and make a decision.

Benefits Of Using Explainer Videos

1. Enhanced User Engagement

Explainer videos are the best for grabbing the attention of the audience. They appeal to the audiences’ audiovisual sensations, which are the most prevalent senses. Thus, the use of explainer videos is a very effective strategy in eLearning courses. The audience can instantly engage with the content and get involved in learning. Videos are also good for retaining information.

2. Enhanced Brand Value

Explainer videos are impression-builders. These videos can do wonders in building brand value and creating a lasting impression in the minds of the audience. People forget the text but remember audiovisual elements better. The dynamic nature of videos creates a better impression in the mind of the audience thereby increasing the brand value.

3. Increased Retention

Explainer videos are more engaging than usual eLearning modules. They are short and crisp. Thus, the audience can retain the information from a video for a longer time. The short and crisp nature of explainer videos aids knowledge retention. It does not overload the memory and helps in chunking the content into smaller pieces. It utilizes time well and enhances knowledge transfer.

4. Improved Return On Investment

Videos may be costlier to create. However, in the longer run, explainer videos give more Return On Investment as they are more effective in conveying the message and making a lasting impression in the minds of the audience. The Return On Investment from an explainer video is much higher than from a similarly priced eLearning module.

Explainer videos have so many benefits. However, you can reap the benefits only when the video is made properly and effectively. Here are some tips to make effective videos to get the maximum benefit out of them.

Tips To Make Them Effective

1. Strong Script

Write the script first. Depending on the target duration, decide the number of words and then prepare a first draft of the script. As a practice, you can create a slightly longer first draft. Then edit the script to make it crisp. Begin your script with a strong, attention-grabbing opener that highlights the audience’s pain area or need. This will enable the audience to relate to the video and make them interested in watching the video. Every word of the script counts. So, chose the words judiciously and make maximum use of the words.

2. Visual Storyboard

Once your script is ready, develop a visual storyboard. Think about the kind of media, text, images, and background score that jell with the script and content. Videos are essentially rich media elements. Use suitable colors and screen elements, and keep the focus on the key content.

3. Rich Media

Media can make or break the appeal of a video. Choose the right kind of media depending on the taste of the target audience. At the same time, do not overuse media so that the focus remains on the key content. Remember that media is an aid in explaining the concept or giving the message, and not the message itself. People should remember the idea of the video and not be overwhelmed by the media.

4. Audio

An explainer video is best when guided by a narrator who does all the talking. This can be aided by a simple background score or music when the narrator is not speaking. The audience must be able to focus on what the narrator is saying.

Explainer videos are great tools to send a clear and lasting message. A well-made explainer video will provide a great experience for the audience and ensure the best Return On Investment.



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