Fired Georgetown College President Files Lawsuit


Fired last year amid allegations that he sexually assaulted an employee on a work trip, former Georgetown College president William A. Jones is suing the college, its Board of Trustees and several executives, claiming he was the victim of a personal vendetta that led to his ouster from the Kentucky institution.

Jones has denied the allegations of sexual assault and claims that he is the “subject of a conspiracy,” according to a news release from his lawyers provided to the local NBC affiliate, LEX 18. The release says two women “were determined to cash out on false claims of sexual assault and harassment” brought against Jones that led to his abrupt termination in November.

Jones is accusing the plaintiffs of painting him in a false light, defamation and failing to conduct a proper investigation into the alleged sexual assault, thus violating Title IX. He is seeking monetary damages for both past and future earnings, a public apology from Georgetown College, and the institution's purchase of “full-size advertisements” in media outlets that reported on his firing “to try to undo the terrible amounts of damages that have reaped upon the Jones family.”

LEX 18 reports that Georgetown College has declined to comment on the litigation.

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