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What’s that flapping by? It’s a super simple flying bat craft! This craft is easy to make, fun to play with, and make a great decoration for the spooky season. Let’s make it!

Things You’ll Need

Flying Bat Craft
  • our Flying Bat Craft template – the template makes drawing a bat shape super simple!
  • chalk or a white pencil crayon – something to trace the template onto the black paper.
  • black construction paper 
  • scissors
  • glue stick 
  • tape
  • wooden bamboo skewer, pencil, or straw for your handle
  • black feathers
  • googly eyes
  • black craft paint
  • small paint brush 


Flying Bat Craft

Print the Flying Bat Craft template and cut out the bat shape.

Flying Bat Craft

Trace it onto a sheet of black construction paper with a white pencil crayon or chalk, then cut the bat out.

Flying Bat Craft

Paint a bamboo skewer (or pencil or straw) with black craft paint and set it aside to dry. 

Flying Bat Craft

Fold the bat in half, then make a fold where the wing begins on both sides. 

Flying Bat Craft

Glue the eyes to the outer side of the bat. 

Flying Bat Craft

Tape the bamboo skewer (or pencil or straw) to the bottom of the bat along the fold line.

Flying Bat Craft

Use a glue stick to stick the black feathers to the top of the bat’s body. 

Flying Bat Craft

Now, your bat is ready to take flight! 

Flying Bat Craft

Watch Caitie make this craft in the live Caitie’s Classroom episode, Halloween Party!

Make your bat fly along with ghosts with the song Six Little Ghosts!

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