Glass Dropper Bottles For Your DIY Products – Bath and Body



It is all about glass droppers at the moment, so if you are packaging up your DIY products make sure to step yo your packaging game and be on trend with these aesthetic clear bottles.

The high Lily bottles made of exquisite quality glass are the perfect display for your product due to the transparency of the bottle.

Used For

Face serum bottle
Face treatments bottle
Hair oil bottle
Hair treatment bottle
Body tanning drops bottle
Body oil bottle
Fragrance oil bottle
Pharmaceuticals bottle

Bottle Specifications

Material: Glass
Color: Clear
Neck finish: 18/415
Recyclable: Yes
Size (ml) Size (oz) Height (without cap) Height (with cap)
30ml 1oz 77mm 99mm
50ml 1.7oz 85mm 109mm
100ml 3.4oz 109mm 132mm
Dropper Specifications



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