Greatest Fonts for Dyslexia and Why They Work


In line with the International Dyslexia Association, as a lot as 15 to twenty % of the U.S. inhabitants could have signs of dyslexia. These embody gradual or inaccurate studying, weak spelling, and poor writing. Whereas not all studying issues are attributable to dyslexia, among the identical lodging can assist many struggling college students. Utilizing the very best fonts for dyslexia is a method you’ll be able to assist.

How do these fonts work?

First, it’s vital to know that switching to a unique font won’t magically “remedy” dyslexia, however they are often useful. So long as you don’t neglect other proven strategies for serving to these with dyslexia (and different studying issues), these fonts are only one extra device in your toolkit.

According to research, the very best fonts for dyslexia (and different studying issues) share these traits:

Sans Serif

Infographic showing the different between fonts with serifs and fonts without

Picture: Creative Spark

This time period actually means “with out serif.” Serifs are these little projections on the ends of letters some fonts use to make them look just a little fancier. Occasions New Roman is a traditional instance of a serif font, whereas Arial is a typical sans serif choice.

Non-Italic, Non-Indirect

Graphic showing the difference between normal, italic, and oblique font styles

Picture: Microsoft Docs

Indirect fonts are a slanted model of a font, whereas italic fonts have a slanted and extra stylized look. Both means, this fashion considerably reduces readability, so stick with upright fonts, also called roman fashion.


Graphic showing the difference between monospace and proportional fonts

Picture: Wikimedia Commons

In a monospace font, every letter (and house) takes up the identical quantity of horizontal house on a line. The other is proportional or variable-width fonts. Monospace fonts are tougher to seek out nowadays, however there are some good choices on the market.

Specifically designed fonts like Dyslexie and OpenDyslexic add another characteristic. They try to make the variations in mirrored letters like “d” and “b” extra apparent, with delicate adjustments to their look. Some researchers feel that special fonts like Dyslexie don’t offer any true benefits at all. However in addition they say there’s no hurt in attempting them out.

Greatest Normal Fonts for Dyslexia

With these standards in thoughts, these four standard picks are typically recommended as the best fonts for dyslexia. They’re obtainable on just about each pc, so contemplate setting one among them as your default.

Arial (Best Fonts for Dyslexia)

This sans serif, non-italic font isn’t monospaced, however Arial remains to be a good selection so long as you don’t italicize it.

Courier (Best Fonts for Dyslexia)

Should you’re in search of a serif font, attempt Courier. It’s monospaced, which makes it simpler to learn than its cousin Occasions New Roman.

Helvetica (Best Fonts for Dyslexia)

Right here’s one other sans serif font to attempt. Word that like Arial, it’s not monospaced, however it’s nonetheless clear and simple to learn.

Verdana (Best Fonts for Dyslexia)

One other font that’s not monospaced however is sans serif, Verdana is total rated as pretty simple to learn.

Specifically Designed Fonts for Dyslexia

There are a couple of fonts in the marketplace which will or could not make an actual distinction for these with dyslexia. Whereas the analysis remains to be out, it doesn’t damage to present them a attempt.

The word "Dyslexie" written in the special Dyslexia font for people with dyslexia

In Dyslexie, letters have heavier bottoms, barely adjusted shapes, and longer sticks. This can be a licensed font, and also you’ll have to pay to make use of it in all of your applications. Learn more about Dyslexie here.

OpenDyslexic (Best Fonts for Dyslexia)

OpenDyslexic is a free font and makes use of heavier bottoms and irregular shapes similar to Dyslexie. Find out more about OpenDyslexic here.

Different Good Fonts for Dyslexia

Calibri, Trebuchet, Open Sans, Comic Sans, Tahoma, Century Gothic

Strive to not shudder, however Comic Sans is often recommended for folks with dyslexia. The irregular design of the letters makes it simpler to learn. (Solely “b” and “d” are true mirrors.) 

You can too attempt Century Gothic, Trebuchet, Calibri, Open Sans, and Tahoma, amongst others. On the whole, simply keep in mind to decide on easy fonts with out serifs that present good spacing between letters. Keep away from fonts which can be “condensed,” and don’t use italicized variations.

Have we missed the most effective fonts for dyslexia? Wish to speak with different educators on how you can assist college students with dyslexia succeed? Be a part of the WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group on Facebook to share your ideas and ask for recommendation.

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