Grown & Flown Parents Connections Lead to ‘American Idol’ Audition



Who doesn’t like to talk about their kids? Who doesn’t love to scream their accomplishments off the rafters? Who doesn’t love compliments? Answer is, every proud parent loves to brag! But, it’s a hard thing to do publicly because our own personal social circles consist of people with whom we have had contact who may look at you and compare their children to yours.

The moms on the Grown and Flown Parents group seem different. The majority of them are super kind and non-judgmental, and many provide great advice.

The post on Grown and Flown Parents helped my daughter make connections. (Image via Jill Bazos)

When my daughter preformed I hesitated to post on my personal page

So, when my daughter had her first notable performance in New York City, I hesitated to post on my personal page for fear people would think I was bragging. Instead, on May 17th, 2022, I posted a segment of my daughter, Nicole, singing at The Bitter End, a club in New York City.

After a childhood of being very shy, this was HUGE for her! Within minutes of posting hundreds of women were “liking” the video and commenting, truly the nicest comments. What did these people they have to lose if they told me she was a terrible singer, so their praise felt sincere.  

The lovely comments started pouring in

First came the comment from Jenny Lyneis:

I’ve been in the music business for 25 years and she is very talented! I’m here if she ever wants to talk or you have questions… 

I had questions! We didn’t expect this kind of reaction. Is my girl truly talented or are you just being kind? I didn’t want the comments to give me a false sense of positivity, but I had found someone who could validate her talent one way or another.

Then came the comment from Audrey Pine:

I am a casting producer for American Idol. Send me a DM and let’s chat. 

Well, that one set us off on a journey. Although Nicole says she does not aspire to be a professional performer (she has other goals in the music industry) we agreed that it would be fun to see where this conversation would lead. 

Fast forward to now, Nicole has since gone through three Zoom rounds of American Idol auditions and we have hired Jenny’s team to assist with ensuring her image is smart and professional, something we have wanted to do for her regardless of where she lands. 

Grown and Flown parents made a lot of connections for my daughter

Since the Grown and Flown video post, Nicole has made several fantastic connections in the industry. Her name, and voice, has gotten in front of several industry professionals.

She is releasing an “in-progress” album on music platforms to connect with other musicians who may not have access to the most professional equipment and people. She has gotten practice interviewing with and performing for important people where she would never have previously had the opportunity.

At the time of this writing, we do not know if she will progress to the live version of American Idol but, she has had a super fun and important ride and we owe it all to Grown and Flown!

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