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Who is having a Halloween party? Even a school class one or special morning breakfast will do for some perfect Halloween treats! My kids look forward to sweet treats for the holiday and they especially love to get in the kitchen and help make them. It’s almost like a craft for them! So I’m on the hunt for some easy Halloween treats that are both sweet and a few healthier snack options for spooky season. When I think of Halloween and fall, I think of pumpkin spice, candy corn, candy eyes, black cats, food coloring and so much more. Here’s a list of a bunch of full recipes to try out for some simple Halloween desserts for family events, favorite treats or just plain old fun this Halloween night!

Normally, when I think of ghosts, I think of spookiness. But these are actually the cutest little cookies I’ve ever seen! Get into the Halloween spirit– literally ghosts ha– with these fun treats! I love the fact that these are friendly looking ghosts, too, it makes it more of a fun Halloween treat.

Image/Recipe: Food Network

Probably the best part about this recipe is that it requires no baking. Just refrigeration! Which– we have time for! This yummy dip embodies the fall spirit and you can dip foods like apple slices, pretzels or even graham crackers in it. It’s a healthier recipe and contains greek yogurt for added protein!

Image/Recipe: Skinny Taste

What’s more Halloween than candy corn?! These are the perfect treats to bring to a school costume party or any gathering really! They are incredibly simple to make and only require a handful of ingredients.

Image/Recipe: Crazy for Crust

Looking for a Halloween lunch or dinner? This is the best recipe! How adorable are these?! They are so much fun to make and are actually really nutritious as they are mostly vegetables. It’s a great way to get your kids to eat a healthier meal- by making it fun!

Image/Recipe: Fork and Beans

I know we have a lot of cookies going on here, but it’s Halloween! There’s supposed to be a ton of Halloween sweets and chocolate, okay, this is acceptable! I love how creative these are with using Hershey Kisses as the hats. Any extra chocolate is fine by me!

Image/Recipe: Betty Crocker

Now these are a unique fall treat!It’s not so much of spooky Halloween treats, but these are delicious desserts for the entire fall season. Save this recipe for Thanksgiving, too! They totally capture the essence of fall.

Image/Recipe: Ai Made It For You

When I first found this recipe, I wondered if I was capable of creating this. But as I looked further into it, I’m delighted to say it’s a fairly easy recipe to follow! The decoration part is fun, don’t stress about that and use your imagination! You can even top it with your favorite Halloween candy to make it that much more special for one of your favorite holidays.

Image/Recipe: An Italian in My Kitchen

Coming at you with another delicious snack or dinner option! Do your kids love chicken fries? If you haven’t heard of these, they are a children’s classic. Loved by picky eaters, too! And they’re beyond easy to make- really you take frozen chicken fries and wrap them in crescent roll dough. They’re meant to be an appetizer, but Halloween night gets so crazy sometimes that we have to just make something and get out the door. So why not make something fun?!

Image/Recipe: Aileen Cooks

Is anyone else’s favorite Halloween candy Twix? Well did you know you could make your very own? These are the ultimate Halloween cookies for your crew this season! Make them year round, too!

Image/Recipe: Dinner at the Zoo

I cannot get over how cute these are. This is also a great recipe to save for Thanksgiving and you can decorate them differently for that! Little Frankenstein cheesecakes are sure the be the best treat for your Halloween parties this year!

Image/Recipe: Sunday Supper Movement

Boo-rito bites are the yummiest snack! They’re basically mini burritos shaped like ghosts. And they’re easy to amend to fill with ingredients you know your kids will love. These are also a great app to bring to a party!

Image/Recipe: Taste of Home

Now these are a special treat your kids will love! I think it’s adorable how they look melted onto the brownie, too. And they’re so easy to make! Spice up your brownies for spooky season.

Image/Recipe: Like Mother, Like Daughter

I’ve never made Halloween Candy Bark before and I’m shocked because not only is it delicious but so simple to make! Use your favorite Halloween candy and don’t forget some eyes! I think the kit-kats are a great addition here. Not to mention how colorful the M&Ms and candy corn make it.

Image/Recipe: Just a Taste

I had to include these because they are stunning! The swirl and colors are mesmerizing and they are perfect for a Halloween dessert. Basically, you swirl together three different colors of cookie dough, similar how to a cinnamon roll is rolled up!

Image/Recipe: The Simple, Sweet Life

This is a more spooky looking recipe, but it’s super unique! The most difficult part is carving the apples to look like heads, but the cider is delicious! And it’s always good to have a cider recipe on hand. It take bobbing for apples to a whole new, crazier level!

Image/Recipe: Tastemade

I’m glad these aren’t all that spooky because spiders can be! These are great to take on the go for some energy while trick or treating or to have as an after school snack. I mean, they are just downright adorable while being full of protein.

Image/Recipe: A Red Spatula

Green can be a spooky, Halloween color! These muffins may look like a treat and taste like one, but they are secretly full of veggies! That’s right, there’s spinach in here, so if you want to sneak some more vegetables into your kids meals, they wont’ be able to taste them with these! They just taste like delicious chocolate chip muffins– and they look so cool!

Image/Recipe: Yummy Toddler Food

These are a nut-free treat that you can have for breakfast or bring to school for a Halloween party this year! They are so fun and the little teeth made out of rice krispies crack me up! Made up primarily of apples, grapes and any nut-free butter you like!

Image/Recipe: Two Healthy Kitchens

Finishing off with a tasty dessert that is both perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving! These are simple to make and they taste out of this world! One bite and it feels like autumn!

Image/Recipe: NY Times Cooking, c/o Vallery Lomas

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