Hocus Pocus Charcuterie Board Ideas


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Sanderson Sisters Charcuterie Board

I asked on my Facebook page if people had a Hocus Pocus watching party and made charcuterie boards for an appetizer. You guys did NOT disappoint with your creations!! Love them all. Also, try making our Hocus Pocus brownies to go with these!

Hocus Pocus charcuterie board made by Devin and Jessie Sholdice

A dessert style charcuterie board with witch hats and brooms! Made by Kristina Marie

Sanderson sisters cheese and cracker board made by Danielle De Young Galletta Love the ghost chips!

I really love the blonde’s cheese hair in this one looking “straight!” and the third one using chocolates for brown hair. Made by Oceanna Rose Newman

I really like how this board used strawberries for a red dress, cucumbers for a green dress, and oranges for the third! Made by Jessie Lais

This Hocus Pocus themed charcuterie board was made by Andrea Felchin Mendoza


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