How to Draw a Dress (Easy Step by Step Printable)


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How to Draw a Princess Dress

Ever wonder how you can draw a beautiful princess dress? This is the best step by step tutorial for you! It looks like Cinderella’s dress from the movie. You can print out the instructions here.

Dress Drawing Instructions in 7 Steps

Step 1- Draw a short “U” line.

Step 2- From the tip, draw a curved line down each side.

Step 3- Draw a bow (sideways number 8).

Step 4- From the edges of the bow, draw the dress shape (a big triangle).

Step 5- From the middle of the bow draw squiggle lines towards the edge of the dress.

Step 6- Draw the lines so the dress looks 3D.

Step 7- Add some ribbons coming down from the bow.

Done! Now it’s a dress coloring page!


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