How to Draw a Shark (Easy Step by Step)


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How to Draw a Realistic Shark

Make a cool shark drawing on your own! Just follow the tutorial instructions below. You can also print the tutorial PDF here to use. Make sure to check out all our easy drawings for kids too!

7 Instructions to Drawing a Shark

Step 1- Draw a tail fin.

Step 2-From the shark’s fin, draw a curved line that meets at a point.

Step 3-Draw down and make a darker colored mouth.

Step 4- Draw a shark fin pointing downwards.

Step 5- Connect the line to the back tail fin.

Step 6- Add a dorsal fin to the top of the shark as well as the small fins by the tail. Add detail line going across.

Step 7- Finish the shark by adding an eye and the 3 gill lines.

Done! Now you have a shark coloring page to do!


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