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Teaching About Hurrican Ian Lesson Plan

People in Southwest Florida, have never seen a storm as powerful and as destructive as Hurricane Ian. While the talk of extreme weather has become a common topic across the country, and a given in the past few years, hurricanes are the most powerful storms of all.

On September 28th, Hurricane Ian, a category 4 hurricane made landfall in Southwest Florida. At the time of landfall, the sustained winds were measured at 155 mph, almost reaching category 5 hurricane strength.

Hurricane Ian Lesson Plan

Its wind, rainfall, and storm surge caused loss of life, property damage, and severe flooding. Most storms bring one or two of the noted elements, Hurricane Ian brought all three, which caused catastrophic damage, and recovering from this storm will take many years.

While a large number of schools in Florida are still closed due to power outages and potential structural damage, when we return, we will process the trauma of Hurricane Ian not only emotionally but scientifically. A storm that brings the release of power on par with a nuclear explosion is bound to bring many questions, points of discussion, and study.

Hurricanes Lesson Plan cover:
– How do hurricanes form?
– What conditions are needed for a formation of a tropical depression?
– How does a tropical depression become a tropical storm?
– What is the hurricane wind scale?
– How are hurricanes categorized?
– Location of hurricane paths on the world map.
– How is the hurricane path predicted?
– What is the cone of uncertainty?
– How accurate is the cone of uncertainty?
– New terms and vocabulary
– Extension resources – visuals and video resources
– New Questions

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