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Hello, fall! When you’re looking for an easy activity all about trees and nature, leaf rubbing is the perfect choice. Our version uses a handy tool that makes it more manageable for little ones: press ‘n seal plastic wrap! Read on to see how we set up for this autumnal activity. 

Things you’ll need 

Leaf Rubbing Activity


Leaf Rubbing Activity

First, roll out a piece of plastic wrap about the same size as your sheet of paper. This will make sure the leaves stay in place while rubbing. Arrange the leaves in a pattern with the leaf vein system facing up. 

Note: To prepare the crayons, we recommend briefly soaking them in some water and peeling off the labels. 

Leaf Rubbing Activity

Place the sheet of paper on top and press down gently. 

Leaf Rubbing Activity

First, choose a darker shade crayon and rub it over the veins and textures of the leaves. You will start to see the leaves reveal themselves! Cool! Add some more colors and shade in the background. 

Leaf Rubbing Activity

Mount your picture to a sheet of colorful construction paper. 

Leaf Rubbing Activity

Have fun crafting to The Seasons Song! 

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