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Mixtures and Solutions Lessons and Experiments Pack

Mixtures and Solutions Lesson Cover

Mixtures and Solutions lesson and experiments are easy to implement in the classroom and are a great way for students to apply and test their learning, expand their inquiry, and develop as critical thinkers and problem solvers. This pack was created with upper elementary students in mind.

The experiments and challenges are easy to implement and inexpensive, yet they will expand your students’ scientific inquiry and knowledge, prepare them for yearly science fair, and increase achievement on end of the year science assessment.

Perhaps, one of the most common questions students wonder about is why some objects sink and others float. Through experimentation, students are able to answer their questions and prepare for science assessments in which they are asked to visualize problems and solutions in order to find the correct answer.

Mixtures and Solutions Lesson and Experiments Pack
This Mixtures and Solutions Lessons & Experiment Pack consists of background information, ways to separate mechanical mixtures through sorting, floating and sieving, magnetic attraction, filtering, and distillation.

The mixture and solutions experiments and challenges include:

  • Oil Spill Clean-Up Challenge – background knowledge and teacher guide

  • Density Experiments – background knowledge and teacher guide

  • Density Layers

  • Density & Salt

  • Temperature & Density

  • Sink or Float Experiments – background knowledge and teacher guide

  • Sink or Float Bottle Challenge

  • Separating Mixtures Challenge

  • Graphic Organizer Charts

  • Water Surface Tension Experiment

  • Interactive Note-booking

NGSS Science Standards:

5-PSI-4 & 5-PSI-3

Have Fun Teaching Science!

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