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My kids LOVE visiting farms! My preschooler loves feeding and petting the animals, helping with farm chores, and harvesting the crops. After a visit to the farm, it is always fun to continue the learning at home!

Here are some easy and FUN farm preschool learning activities to do with your children!

Literacy Activity: Make a Mystery Animal Book

We use a lot of home-made books to help build early literacy skills. Often the books in the stores and libraries are too advanced for my young reader.  I want to provide him with books at his level so that he can feel confident and successful as a reader.

I am homeschooling my preschooler because I want him exposed to a variety of academic materials in a playful, hands-on learning way. We include reading in our EVERY DAY learning.  I try to make at least one home-made book with him each week.  Some are more kid-made, and some are more Mommy Made and kid assembled.  It all depends on his mood, the materials we have on hand, and the goals for the week

This home-made book is a highly predictable text.  The clues change, but the picture helps my preschooler easily read the animal name.  I encourage him to point to the word A and the animal name as he reads it.  Re-enforcing the connection between spoken words and printed words.  Because he is interested in the farm, it is also highly motivational.

Materials Needed:

  • Animal Pictures
  • Paper Printer or Marker


1. Pick an animal.

2. Have your child tell you “mystery clues,” to help someone guess what animal it is.  

Choose 2-3 short sentences for each animal. Encourage them to think about the animals attributes (science)

How many legs does it have?

What does it eat?

Are there any special body parts unique to this animal?

How can it move?

What sound does it make?

Preschool Early Literacy Farm Book Horse Page

3. Write or print these sentences on a half sheet of paper.

4. Draw, write, or use a picture of that animal on the other half of the sheet of paper. Cut the paper in half.

5. Repeat 1-4 a few more times using a different animal.

6. Make a cover page and an ending page where your child can illustrate or draw a picture of a farm animal.

7. Stack the sheets of paper on top of one another starting with the mystery clue, followed by the animal.

And… Just because I am a busy mom of 3 young kids. I know that sometimes, you just don’t have time to do it ALL… here is the book we made. It’s nothing fancy, but my preschooler sure does like having me read the clues to him and he gets to read the answer. All you have to do is print, assemble, and read!

Download the Who Am I? A Guess the Farm Animal Book Here

DIY Easy Reader Farm Book

Plan Your Learning Week with Preschool Activities for the Farm Theme

From the #PLAYful Preschool Education Team!
Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Art, Sensory, Songs and MORE!!!!

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My Preschooler’s Favorite Farm Books

Preschoolers Farm Book Pics

We have a bunch of farm books on our front facing shelf right now. These are my 4 year old son’s favorites right now.

<I’m using affiliate links to Amazon for the books. If you buy them through these links, the price is the same for you, but I get a portion of the sales. Thank you for your support! >

Little Blue Truck

Big Red Barn
Pete the Cat: Old MacDonald Had a Farm
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