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Preschoolers have plenty of essential math abilities to be taught earlier than they begin kindergarten. Counting, quantity sense, sorting, patterns, evaluating measurement, and a lot extra—these are all ideas toddlers want to allow them to transfer on to extra superior math ideas. These preschool math video games and actions assist youngsters grasp these abilities in methods which can be simply as enjoyable as playtime!

1. String beads on pipe cleaners

Preschool math student stringing beads onto pipe cleaners

That is a kind of traditional preschool math video games that has so many advantages for younger learners. They get high-quality motor management follow together with studying to depend, acknowledge numerals, and put numbers so as. All you want are pipe cleaners and beads.

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2. Monster Cube Match

Printable Monster Dice Game for preschool math students

Rolling cube offers youngsters an opportunity to follow counting and subitizing. Get the printable for this free matching recreation on the hyperlink.

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3. Construct and depend

Preschooler using dice and blocks to practice counting

You’ll discover plenty of dice-related preschool math video games on the market. On this one, youngsters roll the cube after which stack blocks collectively. They end by counting the blocks all collectively, an early intro to addition.

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4. Flip Uno playing cards to make a match

Uno cards laid out face down. with a few flipped to show their numbers

Get some reminiscence follow when you be taught numerals. Uno cards, with their vibrant and cheery colours and enormous numbers, are excellent for this, however common taking part in playing cards work too.

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5. Tag the quantity

Toddler tapping the number six taped to a wall as part of a row of numbers (Preschool Math Games)

We love that this recreation offers youngsters an opportunity to maneuver! Tape up numbers on the wall (or write them on a whiteboard). Then have youngsters roll a die and run to tag the quantity that comes up. You may play this recreation in different methods too, like calling out the numbers randomly your self, or taping the numbers in a wide range of locations across the room.

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6. Construct a metropolis

Student building towers of blocks to match number beads; text reads "Build a City" (Preschool Math Games)

Stack building blocks and construct a metropolis skyline. You’ll get a special end result each time, making this a kind of preschool math video games youngsters can play time and again.

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7. Race to fill the cup

Two blue plastic cups with a bin of blocks and polyhedral die (Preschool Math Games)

So easy and so enjoyable! Seize a bin of math cubes or small toys and a few plastic cups. Youngsters roll a polyhedral die (you can even attempt flipping taking part in playing cards or Uno playing cards) and place that many objects of their cup. The primary to utterly fill their cup wins!

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8. Hunt for numbers

Preschooler digging through a container of sand to find playing cards to match numbers (Preschool Math Games)

Mix a sensory expertise with some quantity follow. Fill a bin with sand, then bury taking part in playing cards for youths to seek out and match up.

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9. Bounce a balloon

Toddler throwing a pink balloon into the air

Everybody loves taking part in with balloons! Roll a die, then see if you happen to can bounce a balloon into the air that many occasions with out letting it hit the bottom.

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10. Construct a beetle

Colorful beetle made from construction paper

This is rather like the unique Cootie recreation, however no want to purchase something! Simply minimize beetle items from development paper, then roll a die and see if you happen to will be the primary to assemble your bug!

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11. Create shapes with sticks

Colorful wood craft sticks used to make triangles, squares, and more shapes (Preschool Math Games)

Toddlers have to grasp their shapes, and this can be a intelligent approach to do it. Put collectively units of wood craft sticks (use the identical shade for every form) and let little fingers flip them into triangles, squares, and different shapes.

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12. Ship bears into hibernation caves

Small toy bears tucked into caves made from plastic bowls labeled with numbers (Preschool Math Games)

Make “caves” from plastic bowls, then ship little toy bears into “hibernation” in each! Find out how the sport works on the hyperlink.

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13. Park numbered automobiles

Child parking numbered toy cars in matching parking lot slots

Vroom vroom! Quantity your toy cars to match the slots in a cardboard car parking zone. Youngsters could have enjoyable zooming them into the correct locations.

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14. Line up dominoes

Toddler lining up dominos by number (Preschool Math Games)

Dominoes are implausible math studying instruments. This recreation is a sneaky introduction to addition, as youngsters depend up the full variety of dots on every domino and put them within the correct place.

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15. Copy ice tray patterns

Student using tweezers to put pom poms into an ice tray to match a pattern card

Seeing and matching patterns is a key ability for preschoolers. Inserting pom-poms into ice dice trays with plastic tweezers helps them work on high-quality motor abilities too.

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16. Rubber Duck Math Race

Kindergarten math student moving rubber ducks along a line of plastic tiles

On this recreation, youngsters race to see who will be the primary to get their rubber duckies to 10 (or any quantity you select). They roll a die and lay out tiles to maneuver their duck. The twist? To get to 10 on the finish, they need to roll the precise quantity they want—no going over! Preschool math video games like this assist youngsters grasp counting to 10 and relying on.

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17. Feed the LEGO monster

Toddler sorting LEGOs into paper bags decorated to look like monsters

Kind LEGO bricks by shade, form, or variety of dots. Then examine the quantity that wind up in every bag to be taught the idea of “kind of.”

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18. Drop blocks into tubes

Plastic caps lined up next to cardboard tubes labeled with numbers (Preschool Math Games)

Upcycle some empty cardboard tubes by labeling them with numbers. Then drop small objects like blocks or caps into the tubes to match the numbers.

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19. Examine numbers to music

Two students holding paper plates with different numbers of colored dots

Prep for this recreation by utilizing dot markers on paper plates as proven (go to the hyperlink beneath for extra examples). Every child takes a plate and makes use of it to “drive” across the room as you play music. When the music stops, they discover a close by accomplice and examine what they see on one another’s plates (e.g., “8 dots is greater than 4 dots. 1 inexperienced dot is lower than 4 inexperienced dots.”). Then begin the music up and repeat!

20. Maintain a form scavenger hunt

Papers labeled rectangle, circle, and triangle with various objects matching the shapes on each

Preschool math college students are studying to recognize shapes of their surroundings and in addition to categorize and type. This scavenger hunt does all of it! Ship them out to seek out objects within the room that match the shapes. Then depend and examine to see what number of you could have in every class.

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20 Preschool Math Games and Activities To Start Kids Off Right



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