Pursue Peace in your Coronary heart & Residence and have a Good Day!


The Bible verse mum alluded to was from Romans 14:17 

For the dominion of God is just not meat and drink; 
however righteousness, and peace, and pleasure 
within the Holy Spirit.
Rom 14:17

Now we will get all hung up on making an attempt to work out what the Kingdom of God is.  Many theologians higher skilled than me have mentioned this for years.  However my easy thoughts says – the dominion of God is the place the place God guidelines, the place he’s king.

After I was about 10 I decided that I wished Jesus Lord of my life.  This has been examined many instances through the years – however it’s nonetheless my coronary heart’s need – that God guidelines in my life, that He’s king.  

The identical goes for my residence. Peter’s and my house is a spot the place we wish God’s rule (not his guidelines – however his Rule, the place he’s the boss) .  Joshua (OT Joshua) mentioned – as for me and my home, we are going to serve the Lord.  Joshua wished his home (his household) to be a spot of the dominion of God.

Anyhow… again to that scripture in Romans – it’s saying that God’s rule doesn’t occur by meat and drink.  Thats the principles of the outdated covenant – they had been allowed to do that and never allowed to do this – all the principles they needed to comply with.  However the brand new covenant, the dominion of God, is in our hearts and it performs out in our decisions. 

Once we get to the tip of a day we have a tendency to take a look at our to-do record, or if we’re a homeschooler we could have a look at our lesson plans to see how a lot was ticked off, and the way a lot we achieved – so as to see if we had a very good day or not.  We could not even have the vitality to take a look at an inventory – we’re merely exhuasted and assume that we had a wreck of a day.  And possibly did.  However possibly we’re trying on the mistaken measuring stick.

If our objective is to have our life, and our household life, mirror God being king – then his customary is what we ought to be measuring our day by.  

He says – the dominion of God is by righteousness, peace and pleasure.

On that first day when mum simply made a passing reference – I’m not even positive she was critical – to this Bible verse I needed to admit, there had been no pleasure in being with my kids that day.  

After I requested myself – why was that – I needed to say it was a busy day the place nothing went in response to plan, the place the noise degree was intense, the place there was fixed stress between everybody – this feels like no peace.

And if I maintain this scripture in thoughts, the subsequent query I must ask myself is – was there righteousness in my decisions in the present day?

And that’s the crunch of it!  

We complain about our unhealthy days – however can we even goal for righteousness to be in our life?  That’s to be the measuring stick – did I reply with righteousness – did I reply to all that occurred with the love, mercy and beauty that God has given me.

When now we have righteousness in our life – peace might be its fruit.
When now we have peace in our coronary heart, pleasure might be its fruit.


It may be good to provide a fast evaluate right here of what these phrases imply

Righteousness – isn’t a holier than thou angle – it’s proper standing with God. It’s being made proper with God, and strolling with Him, in ways in which honours Him.

Pleasure – it isn’t happiness as a result of all is nice in my world, Pleasure isn’t due to our circumstances – it’s as a result of Jesus is with me in these circumstances, and whatever the circumstances. 

Peace – Is that sense of contentment, completeness, wholeness, well-being and concord that settles into the depths of my coronary heart as a result of I do know God is.



Our names are Fareedah and Kamilah Amoo. We are seven and five year’s old sisters and live in Ontario, Canada, with our parents and little brother, Awad. We love writing stories, painting on canva, coding, reading books, and enjoying arts and crafts. Our goal is to motivate every child worldwide to read more books.

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