Scorching and Chilly Water Density Experiment


This straightforward science exercise demonstrates the difference in density between cold and warm water. It may be a bit messy so I might both do it exterior or put the jars in a tray.

The demonstration works as chilly water is extra dense than scorching water so the new water sits on prime of the chilly.

When water is heated, water molecules transfer round quicker, bounce off one another and transfer additional aside. As there’s extra space between the water molecules the density of hotter water is lower than the identical quantity of cooler water.

blue cold water sitting under red warmer water for a science experiment about density
Density demonstration with cold and warm water

You’ll want

Two small or medium glass jars

Scorching water

Chilly water

Small sheet of card

Meals colouring

Tray – optionally available however suggested

The best way to make cold and warm water density jars

Fill one of many jars with scorching water and add a few drops of crimson meals colouring.

Fill the second jar with chilly water and add a drop of blue meals colouring.

Test each jars are as full as potential.

Scorching water on prime of chilly

Place a sheet of card over the jar stuffed with scorching water and thoroughly place it on prime of the jar with the chilly water.

When the jars are balanced, fastidiously take away the cardboard.

The 2 colors of water ought to stay separate.

Chilly water on prime of scorching

Refill the jars and check out once more. This time place the chilly water on prime of the new water.

The 2 colors of water ought to combine.

Density of water

Heat water is much less dense than chilly water so the crimson heat water sits on prime of the chilly water when the cardboard is faraway from between the jars.

For those who put the new water on the underside the colors combine because the denser chilly water drops down into the much less dense scorching water.

Our photograph isn’t excellent because it’s arduous to take away the cardboard between the jars with out some water spilling out, however do ship me a photograph in the event you get a greater outcome.

One other density demonstration might be achieved utilizing salt to increase the density of 1 jar of water. Within the picture under the blue water has the salt added.

Two glasses on top of each other filled with water, food colouring and different amount of salt. One colour floats on top of the other.
Density demonstration with salt water and no salt water


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