Simple Portray Pendulum

What’s a pendulum?

A pendulum is an object hanging from a hard and fast level that swings backwards and forwards when pulled again and launched. Think about sitting on a swing in a park. If somebody pulled the swing again and let go the swing would transfer backwards and forwards and ultimately cease with out one other pressure to maintain it transferring. The motion slows due to friction appearing between the air and the swing.

Vitality switch and a pendulum

As a pendulum swings gravitational potential power is transferred into kinetic power after which again to gravitational potential power.A pendulum is a good way to exhibit how energy is transferred.

The swinging motion of a pendulum is because of gravity and the backwards and forwards actions are known as oscillations.

What’s the interval of a pendulum?

A interval is the time it takes for a pendulum to swing again into the place it began from. The interval of a pendulum will increase with pendulum size.

This easy pendulum portray exercise is a good way to exhibit how a pendulum strikes.

Pendulum Portray

You’ll want

3 picket backyard sticks

Small paper cup





Small container for paint


pendulum painting - image of a frame made from wooden skewers with a small paper cup suspended from the centre.

While you pull again and launch the cup it swings like a pendulum. Paint falls from the cup because it strikes displaying the trail of motion.


Tie the highest of the three sticks collectively to make a tripod form.

Verify the body is safe.

Fastidiously use a pen to make a small gap within the backside of the paper cup. That is to permit the paint to drip by means of.

Make two extra holes within the cup, one on both aspect on the high. Thread an extended piece of string by means of the holes and tie just like the photograph under. The cup must be hanging from a single level. Connect the opposite finish of the string to the centre level of the tripod.

Verify the cup swings like a pendulum.

pendulum painting cup

The paint must be fairly skinny to fall simply from the cup. Combine one tablespoon of paint with 2 tablespoons of water and stir effectively.

Pour a bit of paint into the cup and let the pendulum swing.

pendulum painting set up
pendulum painting

Further problem

Strive swinging with extra and fewer pressure and observe how the pendulum path adjustments.

Experiment with an extended and shorter string.

Examples of pendulums

A swing

Grandfather clock

Newton’s cradle

Foucault’s Pendulum

Science Ideas

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