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We’ve got you a special printable Milad Un Nabi Coloring Card that’s perfect for celebrating the occasion of the Prophet Mohammed’s birthday!

“Be kind, for whenever kindness becomes part of something, it beautifies it.”

That’s a beautiful quote, isn’t it? Pretty sure you’re wondering who said it, and it’s none other than Mohammed ibn Abdulla, the final Islamic prophet – whose birthday is being celebrated this month!

Yes, it’s the Prophet Mohammed’s birthday on 9th October, which is in the third month of the Islamic calendar. The day is known as Eid Milad, Milad un Nabi, Maouloud, or Mawlid. Since Islam is practiced by people across the world, each region has its own name for the day!

The day is a holiday in many countries too, and there are often special prayers, processions, and feasts. It’s quite a major holiday in countries like Turkey, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Tunisia. The prophet himself didn’t celebrate his birthday; the celebration is believed to have originated in Baghdad, Iraq, and others followed suit.

If you are celebrating or know someone who is, we have the perfect craft for you today – a printable Milad un Nabi coloring card! This is a really easy craft that even young kids can do, and it’ll take up no time at all!

Milab un nabi Printable Card Pin 1

Supplies required:

  • Thick printer paper or card stock
  • Color pens/pencils/crayons
  • Scissors

How to make the Printable Milad Un Nabi Coloring Card:

Milab un nabi Printable Card 1

1. Download the template for the Printable Milad Un Nabi Coloring Card. by printing out the printable from our October Bundle, available for Free for all our Club ArtsyCraftsy members. 

Milab un nabi Printable Card 3 Milab un nabi Printable Card 4

2. Print out the card. If you’ve downloaded the black and white card, go ahead and color it in. You can use any colors of your choice – make it as bright and vibrant as you can!

Milab un nabi Printable Card 5

3. Fold the card so it looks like a card now. Write a special message inside and it’s ready to go to your loved one!

We've got you a special printable Milad Un Nabi Coloring Card that's perfect for celebrating the occasion of the Prophet Mohammed's birthday!

See, we told you it would be super easy, didn’t we? This Printable Milad un Nabi Coloring Card is a great way to remember the Prophet Mohammed and perhaps get inspired by his teachings. Here are some of them:

  • “The best among you is the one who doesn’t harm others with his tongue and hands.”
  • “The greatest of richness is the richness of the soul.”
  • “A kind word is a form of charity.”
  • “Exchange gifts, you will love one another.”

Well, we can definitely get behind these, especially the last one! As always, nothing like a good craft to help us connect across cultures and learn more about each other!


Our names are Fareedah and Kamilah Amoo. We are seven and five year’s old sisters and live in Ontario, Canada, with our parents and little brother, Awad. We love writing stories, painting on canva, coding, reading books, and enjoying arts and crafts. Our goal is to motivate every child worldwide to read more books.

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