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Are you looking for different ways to help your kid with their gross motor skills? Today we have 25 movement activities for children that are so much fun and are a great way to promote physical development.

Image shows a compilation of movement activities for children, like hopscotch or hula hoops.
You’re sure to find a fun activity here!

Fun Movement Activities For Kids of All Ages

There’s no better way to promote physical activity than with a movement activity that is also lots of fun.

Movement games are an essential part of a child’s development as they help different areas of life, such as:

  • hand-eye coordination
  • emotional development and social skills
  • important gross motor skills
  • fine motor skills

That’s why today we have lots of fun activities for all ages, including young children in preschool years and older kids too. We also included a mix of exciting outdoor play and easy indoor movement activities.

These gross motor activities will provide many creative ideas that you can adapt to your kids’ skills or environment, so don’t worry if you don’t have all the supplies or check every box.

Let’s get started!

Image shows tw kids playing on the grass outside. From KAB.
Let’s foster team-building skills.

1. Team Building Activities for Kids

Here are tons of stretch band activities for kids that require them to work together. The result? Fun social activities and with a bonding theme, all in one!

Image shows a stop sign. From KAB
What kid doesn’t love “I spy”?

2. I Spy: Math, Science, and Nature Edition

Let’s get outside and explore! Make your walks more interesting with a classic game of I Spy.

Image shows a kid playing a Super Mario Party obstacle course
An obstacle course is such a fun activity.

3. DIY Super Mario Party with Obstacle Course

Here’s a fun obstacle course, Super Mario Party-themed. Play the fun music from a speaker, set up the obstacles, and watch the kiddos have the time of their lives.

Image shows a kid holding a bunch of water-filled balloons. From KAB.
A fun game with water balloons.

4. Juggling Three Balls: Make Your Own Filled Balloon

The best things about these juggling balls are the rubbery surface which gives them a good grip while learning to juggle and how easy they are to make.

Image shows a kid doing a bosu exercise. From KAB
Bosu exercises provide great movement ideas.

5. Bosu Exercises

Here are lots of exercises you can do with a Bosu ball (think of an exercise ball cut in half). Perfect for rainy days where we still need to move, but space is limited.

Image shows a kid putting on socks for a sock mopping game. From KAB.
This is a good way to clean up and have fun at the same time.

6. Sock Mopping: Exercise and Clean at the Same Time

Involve your children in cleaning activities with a sock mopping exercise game. This is especially useful for families with young kids.

Image shows a kid jumping and having fun. From KAB
Let’s make some creative movements!

7. Make Physical Fitness Fun Alphabet Exercises

Try these great alphabet exercises with your child, and they will learn while they are moving their bodies.

Image shows a kid playing hopscotch. Idea from KAB
You can make so many fun games with a line of tape and paint!

8. DIY Hopscotch Playmat

Learn how to create this simple and fun hopscotch play mat and spark hours of active play while engaging every body part.

Image shows a kid standing in a square made with yarn on top of the carpet. From KAB.
A perfect early childhood activity.

9. Map Game: Following Directions Grid Game Map Skills Activities

A map game can help your child learn the important life skill of map reading while practicing counting and new vocabulary.

Image shows a kid playing outside with sidewalk chalk and paper plates.
Use paper plates for this outside game!

10. Make a Sidewalk Chalk Game Board

Your kids will have so much fun with this sidewalk chalk game board!

Image shows laundry baskets filled with colored balls for an indoor game. From Frugal fun 4 boys
Perfect way to spend a rainy day indoors.

11. Laundry Basket Skee Ball (With Ball Pit Balls!)

 This ball pit game is simple to set up and creates active play indoors that will not involve breaking anything! From Frugal Fun 4 Boys.

Image shows two kids plying a movement game indoors with scotch tape. Idea from Fun learning for kids
We love this indoors movement game!

12. Madeline Movement Game

This movement game is so simple to set up, but so much fun for kids. It is a gross motor activity that will have kids running, jumping, hopping and more! From Fun Learning For Kids.

Image shows a kid playing in a DIY hallway laser maze indoors. From Its always autumn.
It’s incredible everything you can do with a piece of string!

13. DIY Hallway Laser Maze Indoor Fun For Kids

Learn how to turn your hallway into a laser maze for some easy, inexpensive indoor fun for kids! From It’s Always Autumn.

Image shows a set of LEGO duplo and toss rings on it. From Stir the wonder
A fun game for kids to build for a summer carnival or just to play any day!

14. LEGO Duplo Ring Toss

With some basic LEGO Duplo bricks and an everyday craft supply kids can create this simple activity! From Stir The Wonder.

Image shows two movement dice printed on paper. From Life Over Cs
Twist your hips, bend your elbow or shake your head

15. Moving My Body Gross Motor Game

Make a super fun body gross motor dice, perfect for preschoolers – the best thing is that it is a great way to get them moving. From Life Over C’s.

Image shows a toddler playing an indoor activity with tape on the floor. Idea from Little bins 4 little hands.
A great game for young kids.

16. Indoor Gross Motor Activities For Preschoolers

These fun indoor games are perfect for developing kids’ gross motor skills! Simple to set up and great for getting out extra energy. From Little Bins For Little Hands.

Image shows a toddler playing on squares put on the floor with painter's tape. From Mama Papa Bubba.
There’s so much fun to have with painter’s tape.

17. Painter’s Tape Jump Boxes

Use painter’s tape to make a little series of jump boxes and watch your toddler jump across the hallway and have fun. From Mama Papa Bubba.

Image shows an indoor obstacle course with home objects. Idea from How to run a homeday care
This activity is super easy to set up.

18. Indoor Obstacle Course Ideas for All Ages!

 We love an activity that appeals to a range of ages and ability levels. You can change the course as many times as needed to promote creative movements! From How To Run a Homeday Care.

Image shows a kid jumping on letters on the floor. Idea from Fantastic Fun And Learning
Learning is much better when active play is involved.

19. Name Hop Gross Motor Name Activity

 The beauty of this simple gross motor name activity is that it can be done inside or outside and on the fly! From Fantastic Fun and Learning.

Image shows a young girl drawing a cupcake on the sidewalk with foam paint. Idea from The Tip Toe Fairy
There are so many things you can draw with foam paint.

20. DIY Sidewalk Foam Paint

Kids can have so much fun creating different shapes and figures with this DIY foam paint! From The Tip Toe Fairy.

Image shows a DIY ring toss gamefro Mom Endeavors
Ring toss games are super fun.

21. DIY Ring Toss Game

This ring toss game would definitely be perfect for summer picnics, family reunions, and 4th of July celebrations! Follow the instrutions to make our own. From Mom Endeavors.

Image shows a kid playing with shadows and chalk outside. Idea from KAB
Nothing’s more fun than sidewalk chalk!

22. Shadow Sidewalk Chalk Art

This shadow sidewalk chalk art project for kids is a hands-on STEAM activity that can help children learn about shadow science and how shadows form. From Rhythms of Play.

Image shows a toddler playing with letter cards on the floor. From Hands on as we grow
Learning the alpahabet… in a fun way!

23. Learning (Plus its Fun!) Indoor Obstacle Course for Kids

Here’s a fun idea for a learning obstacle course for preschoolers and kindergarteners doing letter recognition lessons. From Hands On As We Grow.

Image shows a toddler and an older kid playing indoor hopscotch game. From The Stay at Home Mom Survival Guide
Indoor hopscotch is so much fun!

24. Indoor Hopscotch Game

This indoor hopscotch game (made from a yoga mat) is a reusable activity that helps kids move to burn energy even when indoors. From The Stay-At-Home Mom Survival Guide.

Image shows a kid playing in a fake ice skating ring indoors Idea from Apples and ABCs
No matter if it’s cold or hot, kids can ice skate at home!

25. Ice Skating

With simple paper plates and tape, you too can make your own ice skating ring inside your home for pretend play. Make your best ice skating moves! From Apples & ABC’s.

Check out these fun activities for kids of all ages:

Which are your favorite movement activities for children?



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