The right way to Check your Response Time

Do you assume you’ve got quick reactions? Have you ever ever measured your response time? There’s a straightforward solution to check response instances utilizing only a ruler.

Response time is the time taken for an individual to answer a stimulus. For instance if you happen to contact one thing very chilly, there’s a slight delay between you touching it and transferring your hand away, as a result of it takes time for the knowledge to journey out of your hand, to your mind the place it’s processed after which a response began. Many sports activities and actions require quick reactions!

Reactions are totally different to reflexes that are involuntary. Reflexes are sooner than reactions.

You may check response time utilizing only a ruler.

Easy ruler drop response time check

What you want

30cm ruler

Pen and Paper


The right way to check your response time

Maintain the highest of the ruler along with your arm stretched out. Your fingers ought to be on the best measurement.

Ask a buddy to place their thumb and index finger barely open on the backside of the ruler, with the ruler between their fingers.

Drop the ruler and file the measurement on the ruler the place the opposite individuals fingers are.

Repeat for all contributors. Let every individual have three makes an attempt and file the common worth.

The individual with the quickest response time is the one who catches the ruler on the lowest measurement, as the earlier the ruler is caught the much less time it has needed to fall.

Response Time Check

How does this work?

Our eyes see that the ruler has been dropped and ship a sign to the mind, which sends a sign to the muscle tissue within the arm and hand to inform them to catch the ruler. Our physique may be very intelligent and these indicators journey very, in a short time.

Data from the eyes is distributed to the mind after which to the hand by way of neurons. The mind processes the knowledge and decides what to do subsequent. The human mind incorporates round 100 billion neurons!

Your response time is determined by the time taken for the indicators to journey between your eye, mind and hand.

Response Time Challenges

Design a desk to file the outcomes.

Examine to find whether or not response time may be improved with observe. Does muscle reminiscence assist velocity up your response time?

a piece of paper with the results from a reaction time test written in pencil

Obtain the directions

ruler reaction time test instructions printable sheet
Response Time Check Directions

Extra Response Time Exams

Repeat the investigation utilizing your non dominant hand, is your response time slower?

Design an investigation the place you’re employed out the common response time for various age teams.

How about tying a chunk of string to a toy automotive, and letting it run down a ramp? You would measure the space the automotive travels earlier than you cease it.

Are you able to consider any extra methods to check response time? What would you take into account a gradual response time?

Be taught extra in regards to the mind with our play dough brain model.

In the event you like this exercise you may additionally like our assortment of sporty science experiments for kids.

Fast Abstract

Response time is the time it takes you to react to a stimulus.

Data is distributed across the physique by way of nerve cells known as neurones. These kind the peripheral nervous system. The central nervous system consists of the mind and spinal wire.

labelled diagram of a neuron showing nucleus, axon, myelin sheath, dendrites and axon terminal

Science Ideas

  • Response time
  • Nervous system
  • Stimuli
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