Tips on how to make a barometer


This mini science investigation reveals you the way to make a DIY barometer to measure air pressure. Air stress can be utilized to foretell the climate and is one among many components utilized by meteorologists.

What does low or excessive stress imply for the climate?

Low stress often means moist, cloudy, wet climate whereas excessive stress is an indicator of dry and funky climate.

DIY Barometer

Barometers are used to measure atmospheric stress.

What’s atmospheric stress?

The Earth has a layer of air surrounding it. This air has weight and presses down the Earth. At greater altitudes the air is thinner so air stress is decrease.

diagram showing the different in air pressure at different altitudes

To make a barometer you will want

Jar or espresso can

Elastic band

Pin or cocktail stick





Tips on how to make a barometer

Blow up the balloon somewhat bit, the extra air within the balloon, the higher the stress outwards which is what makes the balloon blow up.

Let the air out of the balloon and minimize the tie finish off.

Stretch the balloon tightly over the jar or can and both tape or use the elastic band to repair it tightly.

Tape or glue the top of the straw to the centre of the balloon and tape the pin or cocktail persist with the top.

Tape some card behind the barometer and mark the place the pin is.

Depart for a number of days and word any adjustments. Report what the climate is like every day and word the way it impacts the barometer.

DIY  barometer made with a jar and balloon.

How does the DIY barometer work?

Heat air expands and rises, decreasing the stress of the air on the bottom beneath. Chilly air is heavier, it sinks and presses down on the bottom forming a excessive stress space.

The upper the air stress the extra air presses down on the balloon, pushing it into the jar and making the straw rise.

Extra climate actions for teenagers

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DIY Barometer

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