Utilizing Jagua Blue Extract In Your Recipes – Tub and Physique


The Jagua extract is obtained from Jagua (Genipa Americana), an edible fruit native to Colombia’s tropical forests. The seek for pure meals colours has hit the jackpot with this pure blue dye. This pure blue dye is already being utilized in meals within the US and is usually listed as “fruit Juice” colorant slightly than Jagua Dye.

So what does this imply for DIY crafters? Lastly, a secure and pure blue colorant that can be utilized to make cleaning soap, bathtub bombs, lotions and extra.

Jagua Blue Powder continues to be fairly onerous to search out, right here is one supply on Amazon, however it’s combined with citric acid.  You’ll be able to principally discover Jagua blue in gel

type as it’s generally used for blue pretend tattoos and henna designs.

After I used the dye, I added it to my liquid first to make the colour liquid, You could possibly experiment with including the powder immediately and even utilizing the gels.

Here’s a recipe on Brambleberry utilizing the Jagua Blue powder in bathtub bombs.

This recipe is for Sea Sponge

melt and pour soap utilizing Jagua Powder and this one for Cold Process soap. and this beautiful tutorial for Coastal Rain Soap.

This video tutorial reveals you learn how to make Jagua gel with the powder, it’s a nice tutorial in case you plan to make a gel to make use of in your soaps.



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