What occurs to a dandelion in water?


When you’ve ever blown a dandelion that’s gone to seed you’ve most likely discovered that the little parachute like seeds detach simply and appear fairly delicate. Nevertheless, dandelion seed puff balls are stronger than you assume!

A complete dandelion head might be positioned in water and eliminated once more virtually fully undamaged!

Dandelion being held under water in a glass. An activity for learning about what happens to a dandelion in water.

What occurs to a dandelion in water?

Every dandelion seed is hooked up to a tiny parachute like construction ( known as a pappus ) made up of numerous filaments which permit the seed to fly away on the wind. This intelligent dispersal methodology clearly works properly as dandelions are very considerable.

dandelion being removed from water

The pappus is omniphilic, which implies it repels each oil and water. When the tiny hairs of the pappus are submerged in water they shut up trapping a water droplet inside.

This function could assist dandelions survive in moist situations.

Dandelion under water showing the hydrophilic nature of the pappus

Dandelion Details

A particular air bubble varieties on prime of the filaments above the seed to assist hold it within the air for longer.

The phrase dandelion means lion’s tooth.

Dandelion seeds are produced asexually, they don’t have to be pollinated. This implies all dandelions are genetically equivalent to their father or mother plant.

Dandelion flowers shut up at evening.

All elements of the dandelion are edible and most of them are superb for you.

Though they don’t have to be pollinated, dandelions are a highly regarded supply of meals for pollinating bugs reminiscent of bees, moths and butterflies. They’ve a protracted flowering season which makes them particularly helpful to bugs. Subsequent time you do some weeding take into consideration leaving some dandelions behind!

Dandelion blowing in the wind

How does a dandelion clock type?

When the flower reaches a sure age it begins to dry out making the petals fall off which exposes the seed ball. When the wind blows the seeds are carried away from the father or mother plant. That is known as seed dispersal.

Extra about seed dispersal

Study extra about seed dispersal strategies by making a sticky seed or an exploding seed pod.

This video tells you all in regards to the science of the dandelion seed and the way it’s specifically tailored to journey removed from the father or mother plant.

what happens to a dandelion in water. Find out with this easy science investigation

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