What’s a sea breeze?


Should you’ve ever visited a seashore on a scorching day you might have discovered it to be windier by the ocean than it’s inland. Sea breezes are brought on by convection currents.

What’s a sea breeze?

Sea breezes happen on summer time days as a result of land heats up quicker than the ocean.

Heat air rises as it’s much less dense than cooler air. As the nice and cozy air rises, cooler air from over the ocean strikes over land to take its place. It’s this motion of heat and funky air that creates a sea breeze!

The other occurs at evening when the floor of land cools quicker than the floor of water. The hotter air over the ocean rises and cooler land air flows out to sea to exchange it.

Land vs sea breeze diagram showing day and night time convection currents by the sea.

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