What’s a shadow?



Shadows are shaped when mild hits an object it can not journey by way of. Whenever you see your personal shadow on a sunny day, your physique has blocked mild from the solar. Mild travels in straight lights and so can not bend round your physique, which is why you see a shadow.

Shadows change form in the course of the day because the place of the solar adjustments within the sky.

Within the morning and night when the solar is low shadows are longer than when the solar is excessive within the sky!

Child making a shadow on a fance

Makes use of of shadows

Sundials have an arm which varieties a shadow. The shadow of the sundial arm adjustments place because the Earth turns all through the day. They can be utilized to inform the time!

Image on a metal sundial

Find out about shadows with one in all my easy shadow crafts or investigations! You may make shadow puppets, a sundial of your personal, enjoyable shadow body, draw round shadows and much extra!


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