What’s power?


Vitality is the capability for doing work and might exist in a number of completely different types. Vitality can’t be created or destroyed, however might be modified from one type to a different. We name this conservation of power.

Types of power

There are many completely different types of power.

Kinetic power

All transferring objects have kinetic power. A ball transferring, automobile transferring and an individual working all have kinetic power!

The quicker an objects strikes the extra kinetic power it has.

Mild power

Objects that give off mild have mild power. The solar, candles and light-weight bulbs all have mild power.

Sun, moon and Earth Image

Thermal power

Objects which are hotter than zero levels have some thermal power. The warmer an object is the extra thermal power it has.

Gravitational potential power

Objects that may fall ( ie. are above the bottom ) have gravitational potential power. Books on a shelf, a ball held within the air and aeroplanes all have gravitational potential power.

The farther from the bottom an object is the extra gravitational potential power is has.

Chemical power

Issues that may launch power in a chemical response have chemical power. Batteries, petrol and different fuels are good examples of chemical power shops.

Batteries stacked together

Elastic potential power

Objects that may stretch resembling elastic bands and comes have elastic potential power.

Sound power

Vibrating objects switch power to the air as sound.

Nuclear power

Vitality saved in atomic nuclei is launched in a nuclear response.

What’s an power retailer?

Vitality shops are other ways of storing power. Vitality might be transferred between or saved in power shops.

Forms of power transfers

There are 4 several types of power transfers. Vitality is nearly all the time wasted as it’s transferred. If you concentrate on a light-weight bulb, electrical power powers the bulb to create mild power, however some power can be misplaced as warmth.

Mechanical power transfers

If a power acts on an object power is transferred by the power to the thing. An instance of that is pushing down on a catapult.

Electrical power transfers

Electrical power transfers contain fees transferring round a circuit due to a possible distinction.


Hotter objects switch power to cooler objects. An instance of it is a pan of water being heated on a hob.

Diagram showing a pan of water being heated on a fire to demonstrate radiation and thermal heat transfer


In this sort of power switch waves switch the power. An instance of that is mild power from the solar travelling to Earth, or sound waves travelling from individual to individual.

Vitality switch exercise concepts

These exercise concepts are all quite simple methods to display power transfers.

Make a catapult

In a basic catapult model power from the particular person pushing down on the catapult arm is transferred to elastic potential power because the catapult arm is pushed down. When the catapult arm is launched the elastic potential power is transferred to kinetic power within the ball. These are all mechanical power transfers.

catapult made from craft sticks

Play rounders or cricket

In a sport of cricket or rounders kinetic power from the physique of the particular person hitting the ball is transferred to the bat after which kinetic power from the bat is transferred mechanically to the ball. The ball has gravitational potential power which is once more transferred into kinetic power. The kinetic power of the ball will increase because it features momentum till it hits the bottom.

Construct a Newton’s Cradle

A Newton’s Cradle is an effective way to display each conservation of power and momentum.

Newton's cradle

When the balls are at relaxation they’ve zero potential power and 0 kinetic power as they’re stationary.

If one ball is lifted up it features gravitational potential power however the kinetic power stays at zero. Because the ball is launched it loses gravitational potential power and features kinetic power and momentum. When the ball reaches the underside place it has its most momentum and kinetic power.

When the ball hits the following ball it stops and loses momentum and kinetic power. Nevertheless momentum and power can’t be misplaced. They’re transferred to the following ball, after which the following ball till the final ball which is pushed outwards on the identical pace the primary ball dropped and so power and momentum are conserved!

Make a Photo voltaic Oven

A solar oven is an effective instance of power switch by radiation. Vitality from the solar is transferred by radiation to the marshmallows which makes them soften.

Cardboard solar oven for learning about energy transfer

Heat up water

This convection activity is a vibrant strategy to display power switch by heating. The hotter water heats the cooler water by convection.

warm red water rising in a vase of clear cooler water
collage of a light bulb, pan on a hob filled with water and a cartoon man running for an article about energy transfers

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