When you are a Healthy Person you are able to be a Better Parent


Taking care of yourself is the start to being a better parent. We know what it means to be a healthy person physically – we have to eat, drink, exercise and sleep.  When we are not in good shape physically and we want to make changes we know that we need to have a goal or a plan, and you then have to put in the work.  We go through the same process to be fit and healthy in the other areas of our life:  we need to have a goal, know our why (know why that is important), think about our how and then do the work.  

  • Do you make time for your relationship with Jesus? Are you growing in your understanding of who God is and what He asks of you?  Are you growing in your ability to live a holy, set apart life?
  • Do you make choices based on your moral values?  Do you grow in your resolve to stand firm for what is right?
  • Do you know, or are you growing, in understanding yourself, what makes you tick, and how to communicate your inner emotions?
  • Do you make time for people, to build relationships and community with others, giving and taking as friendships grow?
  • Are you exercising your intellect?  Always learning – be it wisdom, knowledge or skills?
  • And the physical – The body as you know, is one of our many resources and we need to look after it.

 These are the types of things we need to be aware of in our life, we need to know why being healthy is important – and how we are going to move from areas of un-health (for want of a better word) to a place of health.


Being a Parent can be an Excuse

Though we feel like parenting is all consuming it shouldn’t be.  If we feel that being a parent fills every fiber of our emotions, our relationships, our thinking, our abilities, our talents – then we have something out of whack.  

 We are more than a parent. 

We are first of all a person – created in the image of God.  Secondly, we are (most likely) a wife. (now, I know there are some dads here and some single mums – and these principles apply to everyone. )

And yes, we are also a parent –it is a significant relationship and role that we have but we are also a daughter, sister, friend, we are a community member. And we know deep in our heart that we have passions, and interests, abilities and talents.  We are more than mum – because we have been created more complexly than that.

And though women are often told they can have it all – we can’t.  We are finite beings – we do have limitations but we can find a place where we balance all the different spheres of our life – especially if we are intentional about our goals, and our choices.   

When parenting consumes every thing (and I’m talking about everything) we have no time for our husband, we have no time for friends and we have no time for recognising that we are a person as well, we may even have no time for God.  This is not being healthy. This is like exercising one part of your body – like just exercising your legs. The rest of you will have some degree of health but your legs – wow they look strong – but what are strong legs if when you walk somewhere to do something your arms aren’t strong enough to lift or carry?  

We need to be healthy as a whole person – all areas of our life.


It starts with being Self Aware

As Christians we have been told that we have to be self-less, be others aware.  And that is so true. That is following in the footsteps – and words – of Jesus for sure. But – Jesus knew who he was.  Do we know who we are? Jesus knew when he was depleted, He knew his priorities and when he had to push through or when he had to retreat.  

When we grab hold of one principle – like, be selfless and be others aware – we ignore other principles – like, we are made for a purpose, we have God-given abilities and talents.  

Being an adult is about finding our way to balance more than one principle at a time!

So being self-aware is about knowing ourselves – knowing what you believe and value, knowing your strengths and weaknesses, knowing your motivations, knowing your gifts and abilities, knowing your passions and dreams. 

Once you know these things it doesn’t give you a free reign to live a self focused self aware life – we learn to know who we are so that we can become more like Christ, so that we can be a blessing to others.  

As a Christian our self-awareness starts with our awareness of sin.  Even as a redeemed and restored child of God we need to be aware of the effects of the flesh in our life, and the state of the fallen world that we live in.  The Bible tells us to renew our mind – but we can’t do that unless we are aware of the wrong thinking we are living out in the first place.

We can become more self-aware – that is aware of our inner makeup (the good and the ugly)  – by

  • Writing in a journal and looking at recurring patterns that you keep doing or thinking about
  • Listen to your inner voice – what do you tell yourself is important as you go through your day – right or wrong!
  • Reflect on your feelings – acknowledging your feelings for what they are is good, it is our acting on our feelings that often get us into trouble!
  • Keep a growing list of your values as they come to mind so that you can be conscious of what is important to you.
  • Get to know yourself by building a personal profile by taking personality and strengths type tests – over the years I’ve done tests like – temperaments, love language, spiritual giftings, strength finders, and more recently the enneagram.

When we know ourselves, and then when we are honest with what we see, we give ourselves the best opportunity to grow.




Our names are Fareedah and Kamilah Amoo. We are seven and five year’s old sisters and live in Ontario, Canada, with our parents and little brother, Awad. We love writing stories, painting on canva, coding, reading books, and enjoying arts and crafts. Our goal is to motivate every child worldwide to read more books.

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