Wonderful Phrases That Begin With the Letter E

Let’s have some enjoyable at the moment with E phrases!  Phrases that begin with the letter E are elegant and glorious. We’ve got an inventory of E letter phrases, animals that begin with E, E coloring pages, locations that begin with the letter E and letter E meals. These E phrases for teenagers are excellent to be used at dwelling or within the classroom as a part of alphabet studying.
Words that Start with the Letter E like elephant
What are phrases that begin with E? Elephant!

E Phrases For Youngsters

In case you are in search of phrases starting with E for Kindergarten or Preschool, you may have come to the fitting place! Letter of the Day actions and alphabet letter lesson plans have by no means been simpler or extra enjoyable.

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  • E is for Energetic, which implies displaying plenty of vitality or exertion.
  • E is for Encouraging, that means you give confidence, braveness, or hope to somebody.
  • E is for Empathetic, which understanding another person’s emotions.

There are limitless methods to spark extra concepts for instructional alternatives for the letter E. In case you are in search of worth phrases that begin with E, try this listing from Personal DevelopFit.

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Animals that Start with the Letter E - elephant- Kids activities blog - two baby elephants and a mommy elephant
Elephant begins with E!



Harpy Eagles are among the many world’s largest and strongest eagles. Really spectacular birds, Harpy Eagles’ legs are as thick as an individual’s arm and their talons are three to 4 inches lengthy — the identical dimension as a grizzly bear’s claws! The species impressed the design of Fawkes the Phoenix within the Harry Potter collection and is the nationwide hen of Panama. Like an owl, they hunt utilizing the feathers on their face to deal with sounds! You possibly can learn extra concerning the E animal, Harpy Eagle on Peregrine Fund.


The African elephant is the world’s largest land mammal. You possibly can inform it from an Asian elephant as a result of its ear is similar form as Africa! The feminine elephants dwell in a herd led by the matriarch whereas male wander on their very own or in small bands. They solely sleep 4 hours per night time they usually even spend half of their sleep standing up. Elephants get emotional once they expertise the lack of a beloved one, identical to we do. Elephants additionally get sunburned, which is why they be sure to be within the shade and infrequently use their trunks to place sand on their backs. You possibly can learn extra concerning the E animal, Elephant on National Geographic

3. EMU

Discovered throughout Australia these massive flightless birds are immediately recognizable as a result of their sheer dimension and their unbelievable pace. Some have been clocked at 31 mph! Emus are ‘nomadic’. This implies they don’t keep in a single spot for very lengthy and benefit from the meals that’s out there in an space and transfer on when they should. Emus are inclined to eat largely crops and bugs – however it’s best to see an Emu vs. Weasel Ball, you’d assume that’s their pure prey! They’ve two units of eyelids, one for blinking and the opposite for maintaining the mud out! You possibly can learn extra concerning the E animal, Emu on Folly Farm.


The spiny anteater lives in Australia and in New Guinea. Echidnas don’t have any tooth, however they’ve a tender food plan made up primarily of ants and termites. As a substitute, they’ve an extended, tube-like mouth with a sticky tongue, and they’re additionally lined in spines. Do you know, Echidnas lay eggs! They’re very timid animals. After they really feel endangered they try to bury themselves or if uncovered they may curl right into a ball, each strategies utilizing their spines to protect them. The lovable critters are additionally regarded as very sensible, with massive brains for his or her dimension. One drawback with their smartness is that they’re good at avoiding individuals, even the scientists who wish to research them, so echidnas stay some of the mysterious cute animals on the market. You possibly can learn extra concerning the E animal, Echidna on Fact Animal.


The Amazon’s electrical eel will get its title from its surprising skills! Particular organs within the eel’s physique launch highly effective electrical prices. Nevertheless, they have a tendency to solely use the strongest prices to defend themselves. Electrical eels are nocturnal, dwell in muddy, darkish waters, and have poor eyesight. So as an alternative of utilizing eyes, electrical eels emit a weak electrical sign, which they use like radar to navigate, to discover a mate, and to search out prey. Electrical eels can develop as much as 8 ft (2.5 meters) in size. Regardless of their look, electrical eels aren’t truly eels in any respect! They’re extra carefully associated to carp and catfish. You possibly can learn extra concerning the E animal, Electrical Eel on National Geographic.


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E Is For Elephant Coloring Pages

Animals that Start with the Letter E - elephant- Kids activities blog - elephant coloring sheet
E is for elephants.
Right here at Youngsters Actions Weblog we like elephant and have plenty of enjoyable elephant coloring pages and elephant printables that can be utilized when celebrating the letter E:
Child playing on united states map - Kids Activities Blog - child on scooter rolling over US map painted on sidewalk
What locations can we go to that begin with E?

Locations Beginning With E

Discovering phrases that begin with the Letter E will take us miles and miles from dwelling!

1. E is for ELLIS ISLAND

Ellis Island was the biggest immigration station in america from 1892 to 1924. Over 12 million immigrants got here by way of Ellis Island throughout this era. The island was nicknamed the “Island of Hope” for a lot of immigrants coming to America to discover a higher life.

2. E is for EGYPT

Historical Egypt was one of many biggest and strongest civilizations within the historical past of the world. It lasted for over 3000 years from 3150 BC to 30 BC. Egypt is a really dry nation. The Sahara and Libyan Desert make up many of the space of Egypt. Egypt experiences pure hazards similar to droughts, earthquakes, flash floods, landslides, windstorms (known as khamsin), mud storms and sandstorms. It’s dwelling to the longest river within the phrase – the Nile

3. E is for EUROPE

Europe is the second smallest continent in dimension however the third largest in inhabitants. The European continent homes 50 international locations. Of the European international locations, 27 nations belong to the European Union (EU)which is a political and financial union. Europe borders onto the Arctic Ocean within the North, the Atlantic Ocean within the west and the Mediterranean Sea within the South.  5 out of the highest ten vacationer locations on this planet are positioned in Europe.


Fresh eggplants on their plant, purple and ripe, eggplant starts with e- kids activities blog
Eggplant begins with E!


Although ‘egg’ is the primary of many phrases that begin with the letter E that got here to thoughts, Eggplant simply appeared to suit my household extra. All of us already eat eggs; eggplant was one thing we may discover collectively. So, E is for Eggplant! Filled with nutritional vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, the health benefits of eggplant are in depth! I used to be capable of observe down 5 Simple and Healthy Eggplant Recipes for you! My household’s favourite was the Eggplant Pasta Salad!


Are you able to consider extra examples for phrases that begin with the letter E? Share a few of your favorites under!



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