About Us

FKAKIDSTV Press is a publishing company. We are passionate about children’s reading and development. Our sole purpose is to encourage every child to read.

That is why we are beckon on publishing a variety of children’s books and helpful resources for kids. Our collections include Children’s picture books, journals, workbooks, and so on.

We are open to collaboration. If you have any suggestion for us or you want to work with us, kindly email us at support@fkakidstv.com

We have a clothing line which is FKAtees on Instagram and our website https://fkatees.creator-spring.com/ , we also have another website www.kiddleland.com where we sell Bags, lip-gloss and fashion accessories

Table of Contents


To motivate many kids all over the world to read, to never stop reading, never stop learning and never stop growing


To be the leading children’s book Authors, to empower kids through reading and to eradicate childhood poverty in Africa. We believe a hungry kid cannot read, that’s why we are on a mission to eradicate hunger so that kids can read when they feed well. We hope you will support us morally and financially on our $3million dollar mission to eradicate hunger and poverty among young children. You will see our go fund me on our website, we will appreciate your kind donation


  1. Fundraiser for Child Poverty Crises in Nigeria. Every child deserves education, food and shelter