Cute Coloring Pages for Kids to Print


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Cute Animal Coloring Pages

I’m always on the hunt for cute coloring sheets to print for free at home! So I decided to make some fun ones for you to use with your kids! Just click on the photos to download the printable PDF pages.

Cute Fox Coloring Page

This page has a cute little fox that had a butterfly land on him. There are flowers, grass, and a rock with a grasshopper on it to color. Get the cute fox printable here.

Cute Unicorn Coloring Page

Here’s a unicorn cartoon character to color with a small rainbow with clouds above it! The unicorn has fluffy hair to color! Get the cute unicorn printable.

Cute Bear Coloring Page

Here’s a sweet teddy bear page with a bow around his neck and some extra stitching on his body. The bear is holding a heart shaped balloon for cuteness! Get the cute bear coloring page printable.

Cute Bunny Coloring Page

Here is a little rabbit cartoon character with a heart on her belly! She is holding a carrot in the grass to color as well. Get the cute bunny coloring printable.

Cute Elephant Coloring Page

This elephant sheet is my favorite! A sweet little elephant cartoon character is holding an umbrella standing on one foot in puddles. It is raining hearts and raindrops! Get the cute elephant coloring page printable.

Cute Bee Coloring Page

For this coloring page I combined realistic looking flowers with cartoon honey bees! The big bee is smelling the flower and it’s so cute! Get the bee coloring page printable.

Cute Turtle Coloring Page

This one reminds me of Finding Nemo with a turtle character swimming in the ocean with two fish friends and bubbles. They are all smiling, of course. Get the cute turtle coloring printable.

Cute Hippo Coloring Page

Here’s a smiling hippo character to color that is in front of a pond or puddle. It has a tree in the background and sun to color as well! Get the cute hippo coloring page.

Cute Penguin Coloring Page

Here’s a penguin character wearing a winter hat and scarf with snowflakes falling all around him. This one is perfect for winter time! Get the cute penguin printable.

Cute Caterpillar Coloring Page

This one reminds me sort of the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland. He is about to eat a ripe juicy strawberry in the garden with a flower and clouds overhead. Get the cute caterpillar coloring page printable.

Cute Sloth Coloring Page

Here is a page of three sloths to color! One is holding onto his little stuffed rabbit, the girl one is holding 3 heart balloons, and the last is sitting nicely winking. Get the cute sloth coloring page.


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