DIY iPad Halloween Costume with Free App Printables


A fun and easy homemade costume that kids will love is this iPad Halloween Costume you can make with your kids. Our DIY iPad Costume has the cutest and funniest apps ever. The best part about it is that this DIY Halloween costume is that it is free to make and works for kids of any age or even adults.

text: iPad Halloween costume free, original app printables included - shown is child in homemade ipad halloween costume pushing one of the app buttons
Let’s make an iPad Halloween costume today!

iPad Halloween Costume You Can Make

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Supplies Needed

ipad costume apps printable from Kids Activities blog
Download and print these cute Halloween apps for your costume!

Download the iPad Apps Printable Template PDF Files

Video: DIY iPAD Halloween Costume With Funny Apps

This video let’s you see how the whole costume should look when it is done while the adorable little girl shows off each of the cute and funny apps that your homemade Halloween costume can have.

Directions to Make Your Easy Homemade iPad Costume

Step 1

Cut out the cardboard in the shape of a long rectangle. We aimed it to be as tall as a child wearing the costume.

Steps 1-2 for making a homemade ipad costume - cut out cardboard and paint with spray paint
Let’s cut out the costume and then use spray paint for color.

Step 2

Color the cardboard using spray paint. We used silver on the back (and the corners on the front), blue – as the “screen” of iPad. Let it dry.

Step 3

Cut a hole in the middle of the cardboard. That’s where the head will go. So, measure!

Step 4

Now print out the 9 iPad Apps and choose the apps you want to add to your iPad. Cut the printed apps out and let your child color them.

Glue the apps on the ‘iPad’.

Child coloring the downloaded and printed apps for the iPad costume
Now let’s color the apps we are adding to our Halloween costume!

I love this iPad Halloween costume because it’s so easy to get kids involved into the whole costume making process. It’s basically a craft and a costume. Coloring those apps are also a super fun activity for kids.

Finished iPad Halloween Costume With Super Cute Printable Apps
I love how this iPad costume looks when it is finished.

Finished IPad Costume

Use your creativity and add whatever accessories you wish to make the costume look more realistic.  As you can see the costume turned out amazing! It is sure to impress while trick or treating or even at a Halloween party.

homemade youtube costume

Make a YouTube Costume Too!

Here is another cool cardboard costume that cost us $0 to make. It’s YouTube Halloween Costume. So fun and super entertaining.


How did your iPad costume turn out?


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