How to Draw a Penguin (Easy for Kids)


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Step by Step Penguin Drawing

If you need to learn how to draw a penguin, you’ve found the right spot! This is the easy version for kids to do. This little penguin is super cute and can be decorated further after you finish him! I would maybe even add some clothes or a bow tie.

How to Draw a Penguin Step by Step

Step 1. Draw an oval shape for the penguins body.

Step 2. In the middle of the oval, draw two arms on each side.

Step 3. Draw two small oval feet attached to the body.

Step 4. Inside of the big oval, draw a “m” shape at the top and connect at the bottom.

Step 5. Add two “eye” marks inside.

Step 6. Add the beak and your penguin is ready to color!


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